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1) Choose the right adverd to complete the sentence:

5-9 класс

Helen has studied in the UK.... three years
А) since B) for C) yet D)ago

2) Match the sentence with the answer :
That`s very kind of you.
A) that`s all right ;
B) thanks very much ;
С) not at all ;
D) i`m upset ;
E) it`s my pleasure.

3) Choose American English words.
A) subway;
B) rest room;
C) railroad;
D) cab;
E) sidewalk.

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1 B) for three years
2. C) not at all ( сам вопрос перевод - это было хоррошо с твое стороны, ответ, я думаю - не за что)
3. A) subway ( метро, английский вариант : underground, tube)


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Помогите пожалуйста из этого текста выписать 7 предложений (самое главное) .

The English language is now the first language of about 350 million people, the native language of 12 nations and the official or semiofficial language of 33 more nations. That means one in every seven people speaks English. In terms of scientific know-how and technological development one must know English to be a part of the twenty-first century. In this contest it’s not difficult to see why in Italy, for example, English is a must for all technical jobs. In China, English is the chief foreign language learnt at school.At present no other language on earth is better suited to play the role of a world language. There are many reasons for it’s popularity. First English is easier to learn than any other language. Second, it easily borrows local words and phrases from the very countries into which it expands.English is so widespread that it has become the standard for all kinds of international communication. 75% of the world mail is in English,60% of the world’s telephone calls are made in English, 60% of the world’s radio stations broadcast in English and more than half of the world’s periodicals are printed in English.
English is also the international language of business people, pilots and air traffic controllers, diplomats and politicians, sports people, scientists, doctors and pupils. Beyond a doubt,English is the world’s top language

Вставьте верную форму глагола в следующее предложение.

... you usually ... at 7 o'clock in the morning?
A) Does ... get up
B) Does ... gets up
C) Do ... get up
D)Did ... get up

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I. Choose the right word to complete the sentences.1. Excuse me, could you (do/make) me a favor and watch my bags for a moment? 2. Have you(done/made) any

progress on that report yet? 3. We need to buy (fruit/fruits) and vegetables.4. I have just bought a good (dictionary/vocabulary). I’m sure it will be helpful. 5. What is the(last/latest) news? 6. Do you know that our neighbour’s (older/elder) daughter is a ballet dancer?7. Have you got any (farther/further) questions? 8. The (next/nearest) train to London is at 10.00. 9. Thecontents of this story (is/are) very unusual. 10. You can get (any/either) book you like in our library.II. Complete the sentences giving English equivalents.1. The ship (экипаж) were all saved when the ship went down under the water.2. John’s sister (оказалась) to be a very rude girl.3. Let’s (отправимся) on a trip before it gets dark.4. I forgot to turn off the tap and the water (перелилась) the sink.5. My dog and my cat (ладят) with each other.6. My father was so tired out yesterday. He (заснул) as soon as his head touched the pillow.7. Be careful! It is (темнеет) outside. Hurry back home!8. Let me (представить) my wife to you.9. Daniel (произвел хорошее впечатление) and the manager gave him a good job.10.Six public holidays (празднуются) in Great Britain.11.A new library (построят) next year.12.(К сожалению) they were late and missed the beginning of the performance.III. Put in the articles where necessary:1. After school they had … lunch. 2. It was … warm Friday afternoon at … end of the month.3. … morning we met was surprisingly bright. 4. People go to … church to say their prayers (молиться).5. The lawyer went to … hospital to make a will (завещание) for Mike. 6. It was … late autumn. 7. If youwant to see … Lake Victoria and … Mount Kilimanjaro go to … Kenya.IV. Open the brackets to make the story complete:Harry’s Adventure.Harry got a letter from his friend Jack. Jack (have)0 was having a week’s holiday in a camp. He invitedHarry to join him if he (be)1free at the weekend. Harry (catch)2the five o’clock train. But he (leave)3 all histhings behind. He (think)4 he (borrow)5 what he needed from Jack. On the train Harry (run)6into* astrange man. He remembered that he (see)7the man’s face on television as the police (look)8for him.Harry (keep)9 watching the man during the trip. When the train (stop)10 at the station, Jack (wait)11for hisfriend Harry. Harry called the policeman and they (catch)12the man. He (send)13to prison. Harry (feel)14very proud about his adventure.*to run into smb - столкнуться, случайно встретиться с к.-л

Пожалуйста помогите :)

GRAMMAR Open the brackets to make the sentences complete. Present Perfect, Past Perfect or Future Perfect? My brother writes that he … just … back from Lon

don. a) has … came; b) has … come; c) had … come When Charlie … painting he decided to show his pictures to the father. a) Will finish; b) had finished; c) has finished 3. By half past seven they … supper yet. a) hasn’t have; b) will not had; c) will not have had 4. I promise that by the end of the day I … my homework. a) will have done; b) had done; c) has do 5. wait, I’ll go and see if she … out. a) will have gone; b) has gone; c) has go 6. … you ever … any tropical fruit? a) Have … taste; b) Will have … tasted; c) Have … tasted B. Put in articles where necessary. 1. They have built … new house at … end of our road. 2. … England lies to … north of France. 3. I’d like to become … engineer. 4. English is … global language nowadays. 5. … sun is shining so brightly but there are … clouds in … sky. 6. Would you like to go to … university with me? VOCABULARY Complete these sentences using “ around, out, over, inside out” I turned … and saw my sister near the shop. He turned … his pockets but didn’t find any money. Sam turned … to be a very good friend. Bill was turning … the pages of his magazine without reading. In few seconds the monster turned … the mouse and the cat ate him. Choose the right word to complete the sentences. Jane left (home/house) at. What a beautiful ( home/ house) stands on the hill over there! Andrew said that he would come back (home/ house) at the end of July. Aren’t your parents in Germany? – No, they are (at home/ in the house). (Home/ House) becomes (home/ house) when you speak of it as the place you live in. CULTURE Choose the right information: Swan Upping and Highland Games are … holidays. winter; b) autumn; c) summer; d) spring … has two birthdays in Britain. Prime Minister; b) Gay Fawkes; c) the Queen The Vikings came to Britain in ships and took away … . Gold, animals and sometimes people; b) gold and people; c) only people Carols have been written as hymns celebrating the birth of … . The Queen; b) Jesus Christ; c) new Church Christ The Queen Elizabeth II has … . Three sons and one daughter; b) four sons; c) two sons and one daughter

Choose the right item to complete the sentences:

At 5 o’clock yesterday Polly was watching / watched TV.

What did you do / were you doing when I phoned you yesterday?

Last time I visited / was visiting Paris was in 2012.

While mother was cooking dinner, the children played / were playing football in the street.

I didn’t listen / wasn’t listening to music at that moment yesterday.

We were reading / read all books from our school library two years ago.

Where Sam was going / went when you met him in the street yesterday?

In 1995 my little brother was starting / started to walk.

They didn’t ride / wasn’t riding his bike the whole morning yesterday.

Did Max send / Was Max sending e-mails to his friends last Monday?

Open the brackets to put the verbs in the correct tense form of the Past Simple or Past Continuous

They (translate) a difficult text yesterday.

At six o’clock yesterday I (clean) the windows.

When I (open) the door, my friends (sit) around the table and (discuss) the party.

When they (read) a newspaper last Sunday, they (find) a very interesting fact.

At half past six yesterday we (have) dinner.

- You (watch) TV yesterday?

Yes, I (watch) it the whole evening yesterday.

Отработка употребления фразового глагола “go”:

Fill in the correct particle and translate the sentences:

Don’t eat this meat, because it has gone … .

This tie goes really well … your blue shirt.

The driver pushed the klaxon of his car and it went … .

Put the milk in the fridge or it’ll go … .

Our show must go … .

Susan would like to buy nice shoes which will go … her new dress.

Granny stood up, switched the lights off and went … to tell interesting stories to her grandchildren.

Don’t touch this car or its alarm system will go … .

Choose the right form to complete the sentences.In some sentences both forms can be used.

1. What do you think of your(futher/farther) education?
2. He lives four miles (further/farther)away from the cinems than i do.
3. We have no( further/farther) information.Call us later,please.
4. The post office is(further/farther) from the school than the park.
5. They agreed to meet in the (furthest/farthest) corner of the park.
6. I wonder what her(farther/further) explanation is going to be.
7. The hunters house is on the (further/farther) shore of the lake.
8. Have you any(further/farther) questions?

AEO ”NAZARBAYEV INTELLECTUAL SCHOOLS” TASKS FOR COMPETIVE SELECTION OF STUDENTS English, 8 grade 1. Choose the best answer: - Where can I have this

ironed? - ......................... A) At the laundry. B) At the bank. C) At the shop. D) At the post-office. E) At school. *** 2. Choose the best answer: A police officer…. car was parked at the next corner stopped and arrested them. A) whose B) who C) when D) where E) which *** 3. Complete the sentence: Andy said that no other car could go ... his. A) as fast as B) as fast like C) as fast that D) so fast like E) so fast than *** 4. Choose the appropriate variant of indirect speech: Jane said: “Did you see that film last month?” A) Jane interested if I had seen that film the previous month B) Jane ordered if I had seen that film last month C) Jane asked that I had seen that film last month D) Jane asked if I saw that film last month E) Jane interested if I seen that film last month *** 5. Choose the appropriate word(s): Sara and Kelly were getting treatment in the ... hospital. Their cases were.... A) same/similar B) similar/same C) best/same D) bad/same E) bad/best *** 6. Choose the best answer: If you ……… to him, you ……… a lot. A) listen/will learn B) will listen/will learn C) listen/learn D) will listen/learn E) listened/ will learn *** 7. Find the appropriate modal verb: It is raining. You … take your anorak. A) should B) couldn’t C) shouldn’t D) mustn’t E) are must *** 8. Find the right variant: Sergei Bezrukov … as a talented actor by all. A) is recognized B) is recognize C) recognize D) was recognize E) were recognize *** 9. Find the appropriate modal verb: I have got toothache. I … go to the dentist. A) must B) mustn’t C) can have been D) should have done E) should be *** 10. Complete the sentence: He … the newspaper at the time you rang. A) was reading B) read C) was read D) were reading E) readed *** 11. Choose the appropriate variant of indirect speech: John said to Tom: “Do you want to go to the cinema?” A) John asked Tom if he wanted to go to the cinema. B) John asked Tom he wanted to go to the cinema. C) John asked Tom did he want to go to the cinema. D) John asked Tom if do he want to go to the cinema. E) John asked Tom he had wanted to go to the cinema. *** 12. Choose the right variant: By the time the police arrived, the thieves ……. the stolen money. A) had hidden B) hide C) will have hidden D) are hiding E) hid *** 13. Choose the best question: Bill reads newspapers in the kitchen every morning. A) What does Bill do in the kitchen? B) Where do they read newspapers? C) How many newspapers does Bill have? D) Who cooks in the kitchen? E) Where does he buy newspapers? *** 14. Choose the best question: It usually takes her 15 minutes to get to the office by underground. A) How long does it take her to get to the office by underground? B) How long does it usually take you to get to the office? C) Who got to the office in 15 minutes? D) It usually took her 15 minutes to get to the office by underground, didn`t it? E) Where do you get in 15 minutes? *** 15. Choose the right order to make up a story: 1. Meat comes from animals. 2. People cannot live without food. 3. Where does our food come from? 4. People eat domestic birds too. A) 2,3,1,4 B) 4,2,3,1 C) 1,2,3,4 D) 2,1,4,3 E) 3,4,2,1

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