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Write yes/no questions to the sentences.1)there is a nice park in the centre of the city.2.the children visit their Granny every summer.

10-11 класс

3.nick spent his holidays at the seaside.4.the Browns are going to leave Moskow for Kiev.5.Mary's mother cooks tasty pancakes.6.You can show your friend Red Square and the Kremlin.
7.They were in the swimming pool yesterday.
8.Kate has got a lot of flowers in front of her house.
помогите пожалуйста нужно срочно.

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Is there a nice park in the centre of the city?
Do children visit their granny every summer?
Did nick spend his holidays at the seaside?
Are the browns going to leave Moskow for Kiev?


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я не понимаю помогите. упр 17
ПОМОГИТЕ,НАДО ВСТАВИТЬ МОДАЛЬНЫЕ ГЛАГОЛЫ ИЛИ ИХ ЭКВИВАЛЕНТЫ: 1)You ... sit there in your wet clothes;you will catch cold if you do. 2) ... I speak to me

white? 3) Everybody ... learn a foreign language. 4) .... I use your phone? 5) He ... swim very soon. 6)Last summer it was very dry and I .. water the garden every day.

Помогите перевести стишок (чтобы была рифма)

Some primal termite knocked on wood
And tasted it and found it good
And that is why your cousin May
Jell though the parlor door today

Помогите пожалуйста

Read the text.
Ice-Cream Cone.
For folks who lived anywhere near St. Louis, Missouri, the biggest event in the summer of 1904 was the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, which took place in that city. No one knew beforehand, but that exposition was the occasion where ice-cream cones were first made and sold. The person who made it was named Charles Menches and he was the seller of ice-cream. But he didn’t plan to invent the ice-cream cone. This is how it happened. Charles Menches sold his ice-cream in dishes the way every other ice-cream man did. That August when the Louisiana Purchase Exposition was at its height, was a real scorcher (жаркий, знойный день), however, and one day disaster struck Mr. Menches. There were so many hot and thirsty fairgoers wanting ice-cream that he ran out of dishes. And it wasn’t even noon. He had more than half a day of business ahead of him and not a single dish to serve his ice-cream on. What did Menches do? He looked around him and thought fast. Nearby was a stand where his friend, Ernest Hamwi, who was from Syria, was selling a Middle-Eastern treat Zalabia. Zalabia consists of a crisp, wafer(вафля)-like pastry (тесто) sold with syrup. “Give me Zalabia!”- cried Menches. He rolled up the Zalabia, scooped (черпать) his ice-cream on top and presto! (очень быстрый темп) ice-cream cones were born.

b) Complete the sentences with a word or a phrase.

The Louisiana Purchase Exposition was the biggest event in the … .

That exposition was the occasion where ice-cream cones were first … .

It wasn’t even noon but Charles Menches, a seller of ice-cream, had no … to serve his ice-cream on.

Menches’ friend … a Middle Eastern treat Zalabia.

Zalabia consists of a … , wafer-like pastry with syrup.

Menches … the Zalabia, scooped his ice-cream on the top and ice-cream cones were born.

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Put all possible questions to the sentence: 1. During World War II the government of Germany utilized domestic cartels to produce armaments. 8. Translate

into Russian paying attention to the emphatic construction «it is ... that ...»: 2. It is the planners who decide what goods and services will be produced. 3. It is the planners, too, with guidance from the country's political leadership, who decide who will receive the goods and services produced. 4. It was at this time (1936) that Keynes' work was published. 5. Indeed, it is from the early 1970s, when dйtente began to take shape.

Put four types of questions to the sentences.

1. Helen`s parents are programmers.
2. There is a TV-set in this class.
3. My friend has two uncles and four aunts.
4. My father visits a dentist twice a year.
5. The students learn subjects on specialties.

Write the questions to the answers

1)What ?
He likes to read books about space
2) How much ?
We havefound a lot of information in the library
3)When ?
The lessons in our school begin at 8.30
4)where ?
I'm going to the gym
5)What ?
She is keen on skiing

1. Put disjunctive questions to the following statements: 1. Your family not large. 2. The children are in the


3.This man is a doctor

4. His parents are not is Moscow.

5. It is six o'clock now.

6. Betty is not in the nursery.

7. They are old friends.

8. This is a very interesting book.

2. Put general questions to the following statements:

1. These words are easy.

2. She is a good student.

3. They are in the garden.

4. Her daughter is a teacher.

5. The children are at school.

6. John is 19 years old.

7. Lesson 9 is difficult.

8. It is ten o'clock.

9. The flowers are beautiful.

10. You are future teachers.

Вставить предлоги. 1.There is a book ... the shelf. 2/There are some flowers ... the vase.3.There is a ball ... the table.4.There were some chair

s ... the black-board.5.The armchair is ... the TV set.6.There is a fridge ... the stove and the sink.7.The letters are often written ... him ... a pencil.8.The holidays will begin ... a week.9.Sometimes lectures are not attended ... him.10.I am walking ... the street.11.I go ... the college every day.12.The people are walking ... the smog.13.The girl is walking ... the road.14.We are coming ... the room.15. ... that moment he saw her.16.The text was being translated ... the lesson.17.He was born ... the 5 of March.18.There are many flowers ... the window sill.19.There is a shop ... the college.20.There is a lamp ... the table.

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