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Помогите пожалусйта сделать Заполните пропуски сооствествующей формой глагола to be.

10-11 класс

1. The books and the notebooks ... on the desk. 2. " ... you going to the theatre tonight?" "Yes, I ... " 3. "Good morning. How ... you?" "I well, thank you." 4. "How ... he?" "He ... fine, thank you." 5. "... it Saturday today?" "Yes, it ... ." 6. "How old ... your son?" "He ... fourteen." 7. " ... you a teacher or a student?" "I ... a student" 8. ... those classrooms large? 9. " ... she a French teacher?" "Yes, she ... " 10. "what ... Amy going now?" "She ... writing a letter." 11. " ... you going to play chess with Mike or with Peter?" "I ... going to play chess with Peter." 12. He ... having toast, jam, and tea. 13. ... it Saturday or Sunday today? 14. ... you going to the theatre on Sunday?

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4)Is, is

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1. are








9.is is

10.is is

11.are. am





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VIII. Заполните пропуски словами little, a

little, few, a few.

Open the brakets and use the verbs in the correct form. Here I....(to reply) to your letter, which....(to arrive) two days ago, before I....(to

leave) for Rome. I....(to tell) yesterday that the company....(to send) me there next week for a business conference. If I....(to know) about it earlier, I would have told you. Anyway, I'll ring you up as soon as I....(to get) there. By the way, I met John Marshall who told me that he....(to work) for the previous two months on the plans for the new factory you are interested in. He....(to work) very hard because he looked dead tired. By the time I come to Rome he....(to finish) them, so I'll bring them with me.

Put the verbs in brackets in the correct tense,present continuous.
Сделайте анализ следующих предложений и переведите их на русский язык: 1. When direct current flows through a wire it is evenly

distributed throughout the body of the wire.

2. A reactor is a machine that extracts the energy which was put into radioactive materials at the time the universe was created.

3. Were oxygen present it would combine with the hot tungsten.

4. The pentode, so named because it contains five electrodes, was developed to provide a means to eliminate or minimise secondary emission, an emission of electrons.

5. Since electrons are negative charges, they fly to the plate only when the plate is positive.

6. When alternating voltage is applied to the plate, it becomes alternately positive and negative so that plate current flows only during that half of the time when the plate is positive, and only in one direction.

7. The process by which the signal being transmitted is reproduced from the radio-frequency currents present at the receiver is called detection, or sometimes demodulation.

8. The delay may amount to the time of several cycles although, of course, the output frequency is the same as the input frequency.

9. One way to do this is to vary the amplitude of the radiated wave in accordance with the intelligence which is to be transmitted.

10. That the radio is the fastest and most reliable way to detect artificial satellites is well known to everybody.

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Буду очень признателен за помощь! Заполните пропуски в предложениях глаголами to be,

to have, оборотом there + to be, употребляя соответствующую форму в Present Indefinite Tense. Переведите предложения на русский язык.

1) I … a new modern computer.

2) This man … a very good memory, he can remember everything very well.

3) … a lot of classrooms in this Institute.

4) Mr. Black … an engineer, his brother … a mechanic.

4. Заполните пропуски нужными предлогами в скобках. Переведите предложение на русский язык.

1) The plane arrives in London… 8.30 a.m. (from, at, with)

2) He prefers travelling… plane. (by, for, on)

3) My sister plans to take a trip… car. (by, for, on)

4) She enjoys riding… a car. (by, in, for)

5. Употребите глагол, данный в скобках, во временах Present Simple, Present Continuous, Present Perfect, Present Perfect Continuous, добавив необходимые обстоятельства времени. Переведите предложения на русский язык.

She (grow) nice flowers

Помогите чем сможете.

Контрольная работа №1 Вариант №5
I. Заполните пропуски соответствующей формой глагола “to be” в Present, Past или Future Simple.
1. She … divorced. She lives with her son. Her son’s name … Bob.
2. How old ... you?
3. I … always at work on time.
4. They … in St. Petersburg last week.
5. We … students in two years.
6. I went to bed early because I … tired yesterday.

заполните пропуски нужной формой глагола to be и переведите.He....born in 1985.We....students now.We...good friends at the collge.It.....an interesting

book.Who.....absent today.He....a students.What....he. .... he a doctor.These.... my pencils.Where....this book it.... on the table.

Заполните пропуски соответствующей формой глагола to be. 3)"Good morning.How...you?" "I well,thank you.' 4)"How...he?' "He...fine,thank you. 5)'...it

Saturday today ?'Yes,it... ." 6)How old...your son?" "He...fourteen."7'...you a teather or astudent?" "I a student '8)...those classrooms large?9)"...she a French teather?" "Yes,she..."10)What ...Amy doing now ?"She ... writing a letter."11)"...you going to play chess with Mike or with Peter?" "I...going to play chess with Peter.12)He...having toast,jam,and tea.13)...it Sunday today?14)...you going to the theatre on Sunday?

I. Заполните пропуски соответствующей формой глагола “to be” в Present, Past или Future Simple.

1. I … not married. I … single.
2. He … at the University now.
3. We … students a year ago.
4. They … good friends.
5. She … at work tomorrow.
6. My friend … in St.Petersburg last week.

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