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Напишите 5 предложений презент порфикт используя родителей.

5-9 класс

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Have you seen my mother?
My parents have travelled to Thailand several times.
My father has studied two foreign languages.
I think we have seen that movie with my parents.

My parents have not arrived yet from work.


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This is a photo of Greenwich Park in London.Its on the River Thames.The Royal Observatory is at the top of the hill. Can you see the red ball on the

pole?When the ball is at the bottom of the pole,its one o'clock in Britain.But it isn't one o'clock all around the world. There are twenty-four time zones in the world and the time is different in every zone.When its one o'clock in Greenwich,its eight o'clock in Washington DC-the capital of

the USA.What time is it in your town then?(мне бы перевод)


A Wonderful Discovery. Sarah had a son of ten, who was called Jack.A Wonderful Discovery.
Sarah had a son of ten, who was called Jack. He did not like studying, but loved watching television. Sarah used to drive at school at half past four in the afternoon, bring Jack back home and give him some tea, but as soon as he got home, he always rushed to the television set and turned it on. “Haven’t you got any homework, Jack?” his mother always asked him as she began to make tea.
“Eh? Oh, yes, I have got a little,” he used to answer. “I’ll do it later when there’s nothing interesting on the television.”
At first Sarah had allowed Jack to watch television instead of starting his homework first, but soon she discovered that he never had a little homework – it was always a great deal- and that there was never a time when there was nothing interesting on television, so that after putting off doing his homework for a couple of hours, Jack was too tired to do his homework properly, if at all.
Sarah then decided to make him do it first. This was always a battle, and often when Jack obeyed his mother, he did his work quickly and carelessly as he wanted to finish it quickly and get back to his beloved television.
The result was the same as when he left his homework until last; bad work, which he was punished for the next day at school by getting low marks, either because his homework was full of mistakes, or because he did not know the work he was supposed to have prepared the night before.
One evening Jack’s science homework was about famous inventors like Thomas Edison, who made important discoveries and inventions in the field of electricity. When he had homework that consisted of learning facts, his mother began to test him when he finished, to try to make sure that he had really done the work properly and not left anything out, and this was what she did this time. She did not let him stop until she was sure that he knew what was in his book.
But this time, it was less of a battle than usual to make Jack sit down and go over what he had learnt carefully, because it had strong connection with television.
In class the next day, the teacher said to Jack,” What are some of the things that Thomas Edison did for science?”
“Well,” Jack answered happily, “first of all, if it were not for Edison, we’d all be watching television by candlelight.”
А. Write down whether the following statements are true or false.
1. Jack had a lot of homework.
2. He did not do his homework well because he was not a clever boy.
3. Jack’s mother made him do his homework.
4. Jack enjoyed doing his homework about Thomas Edison.

B. Answer the following questions.
1. Was there sometimes nothing interesting on the television for Jack?
2. Were Jack’s results better when his mother made him do his homework?
3. What did Jack‘s mother do to stop him being punished at school?
4. Why was Jack’s answer funny?


Correct the sentences.

a)How much potatoes do you want?
b)can I have a cheese,plase?
с)How many money do you have&
d)I dont have much stamps.
e) There isnt many snow on the ground.
f) Is there many milk left?
g) There isnt many information in the text.
h)is there some juice in the fridge?


In the room where Mr. Small , Dr. and Mrs. Fom Ballmer talked with the children , there were a few very old people . Mr. Small went to one of them."I see that you're a very old man ," he said ." Yes, I am 90 years " - the old man replied ." Could you give my kids a few tips on a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle ? " Asked Mr. Small." Of course . Follow my example . Do not smoke , do not drink , do not eat too much sugar and fat , and drink plenty of water ."At this point, Dr. Fom found another old man who looked older than the first. He sat in a wheelchair , but his eyes were bright and cheerful ." How old are you , sir? " Asked Dr. Fom . "I'm 95 years old ," said the old man ." Can you tell us why you've lived so long? " The doctor asked foam. " It's simple. I am always doing sports exercises , and I do not smoke, do not drink. I spend a lot of time outdoors , and I'm a vegetarian ." It at this point , Ms. Ballmer decided to join the conversation. she saw a very , very old man in the corner. he had no teeth and hair , and he could not see or hear well , so she she had come very close to it . Children followed her . " Can I ask you a few questions , sir," she said loudly . " Yes, " - the old man whispered ." Why do you have lived so long , sir? " Asked Ms. Balmer "I do not know," replied the man . " Tell us about your lifestyle , " - Mrs. Ballmer continued . "Okay . I smoke thirty cigarettes a day and drink a bottle of whiskey every day. Sometimes I drink two bottles of beer . I never eat vegetables and fruit, and I live on chocolate and pastries . "" How old are you , sir? " Exclaimed Mr. Ballmer . " I'm forty ," - said the old man .

Переведите,пожалуйста! Im the waiter,you know! explained the man in the black coat.Wont you sit down? said mary Poppins,politely.Waiters never sit down

madam said the man. But he was very pleased that Mery Poppins had asked him to join them. They began their afternoon - tea and the waiter stood beside them to see that they had everything they needed. They drank their tea and two more cups and then they finished the pile of rasberry jam cakes After that they got up. There is nothing to pay said the waiter before they had time to ask for the bill. It is a pleasure. You will find the merry go round just over there! Mary Poppins and her friend saw some wooden horses in the thees Пожалуйста переведите!

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-Что ты думаешь об этой действий человека? .... т.д.

Я смог придумать только эти предложения, помогите



Перефразируйте предложения, используя притяжатель- ные местоимения или абсолютную форму притяжательных


имений (my — mine, her — hers, etc.).

1. This book belongs to me.

2. Does this watch belong to you?

3.Will this new flat belong to them?

4. This umbrella doesn’t belong to me.

5. These books belong to us.

6. Do these things belong to him or to her?

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1) This is a book.

2) That is a table.

3) This pencil is red.

4) That is a green apple.

5) This is our office.

6) That work is difficult.




loving- friendly


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