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Read the conversation and say what the students will do during Self-Regulation Day помогите перевести текст

10-11 класс

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читайте беседу и говорите, что студенты сделают в течение Дня Саморегуляции

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12 сент. 2013 г., 22:48:24 (4 года назад)

Читать интервью и сказать, что студенты будут делать во время разговора и сказать, что студенты будут делать во время Дня саморегулирования


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СРОЧНО нужен не мини рассказ на тему A theatre Critic Требования : нужно выбрать любой фильм ( мультик ) или театральную сцену и описать ( будучи если ты

был критиком )
( Нужно описать): Сюжет ,(декорации ) , Основных персонажей ,музыку ,танцы или что понравилось в этом фильме или нет.

заменить выделеннное слово так, чтобы оно лексически и грамотически соответствовало содержанию. 1) to know everything about

your person life. journalists are always after you? they tru to take photos of your life becomes a nightmare.

2) a star? you should stop and be thank that you're an ordinary person after all

Помогите написать сочинение по англ. мове , чтобы подготовится к К.р. Очень срочно надо

тема: Написать письмо другу(Больного) ну который болеет Объясняю тем кто не понял Больному -это значит, что он болеет!!!! . Просто написать сочение , можно на русском !!! 5-8 строчек .

Прочитайте ответ на вопрос. Затем вставьте соответствующее вопро¬сительное слово (what, who, why, where, when, which, how, how long, how old) в начале

каждого предложения.
1. ... does the economy of — On its fuel and en-
the country depend on? ergy resources.
2. ... are there large fuel — In the eastern areas,
and energy complexes?
3. ... discovered new de- — Geologists did.
posits of brown coal? ,
4. ... does the engineer get — By air.
to the capital?
5. ... do you travel so much? — I like travelling.
6. ... did he stay in Great — Several months.
7. ... is your brother? — Twenty-one (years

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Dima: We are going to London soon. And there is one thing we have to think over.
What presents are we going to give to our English friends?
Katya: What about some Russian souvenirs: matreshkas, some Gzhel souvenirs,badges perhaps?
Jim: Yes, badges! I`m going to take my collection jf Russian badges to London.
Lena: Maybe some postcards and books about Russia? Any other ideas?
Dima: What about an album?
Jim: What kids of album?
Dima: A school album about our school, teachers and students.
Lena:What a wonderful idea! We can take photos, draw pictures of our classmates and the English classroom
Jim: Good idea, Lena
Dima: I`ll be responsible for photos then.
Katya: OK. And we can also write about our shool parties and our trips to some Russian towns, can`t we? Lena and i will be responsible for stories. Will you help us with pictures and photos, Jim?
Jim: Of course! Whit pleasure.


Read the definition and say what it is:
A place where passengers hold their luggage on board the plane...
A train which goes the whole length of a railway, or of a long route....
A ticket giving a passenger the right to travel only to his destination....
A railway car where passengers can have rest and sleep in comfort.......
A passageway between rows of seats, as in an auditorium or an airplane.....

Read the conversations again and find the sentences that contain the following information: обещания и решешния,принятые в момент речи; пр

едположения относительно будущих событий;

заранее намеченные планы,для осуществления которых совершены оределенные дествия ;

действия,которые с большой вероятностью или неизбежно произойдут в будущем;действия,запланированные в соответствии с графиком,расписанием;


будущие действия,которые,возможно,произойдут,а возможно,и нет.

Work in pairs.Use this information to make up phone dialogues.


Anna is calling Kate to invite her to her birthday party.Kate answers the phone.She is very happy about the party and promises to come.

2.(Mary-John' mother)

Mary is calling her classmate John to tell him that instead of Maths they are going to have Literature tomorrow.But John is out.His mother answers the phone.

3.(Jane Grey's mother-school director)

Jane's mother is calling the director to tell him that Jane is ill.The director's secretary answers the phone.She says the director is talking to somebody else.The secretary asks Jane's mother to call back.

Read the situation and make notes which will help you to write the letter.

a local newspaper has recently published a series of articles about young people. in most of the articles, young people are described as irresponsible, rude and looking only for cheap entertainment. these opinions are mainly based on a few recent incidents in the local discotheque. you're going to write a letter to the editor expressing your disapproval not only with the editorial policy of treating the topic, but also whith the perception of young people.

make notes which will help you to write the letter :
-reason(s) for writing your opinion;
-your arguments + suggestions;
-opposing views & your counterarguments;
-closing remarks.

народ плиз помогите с английским. Read the conversation and put in a pronoun and The Future Continuous form of the verbs. 1)When i leave

the University i am going to start my own business.Four yers from now will be running a big company.I hope ____________(I/earn) lots of money.

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