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1. Complete the sentences with a past participle from the task 1.

10-11 класс

A) Have you ever won the prize?
B) I have ___two e-mails.
C) Have you ever ____anything online?
D) Have you ever ____anyone famous?
E) My brother has ____to Astana.
F) Ann has ____her classmate with her homework.
G) My mother has ____a letter to her schoolfriend.
H) I`m not hungry. I have just ____breakfast.
I) Mary has ____an interesting book.
J) I have ____a singer from A-Studio.
2. Write this sentence using the First Conditional with these words:
We, our, the future, care for, a lot of, don`t, problems, if, have, generation, world, will, health.
Если мы не будем заботиться о нашем мире, у будущего поколения будет много проблем со здоровьем.
3. Complete this sentence using the Second Conditional.
If I ____a forester, I ________trees every year. (but I`m not a forester, I don`t plant trees every year)
4. Put in like or as.
A) It`s raining again. I don`t like weather ____this.
B) A few years ago she worked ____a secretary.

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i have just got  two e-mails.
have you ever bought anything online?
have you ever met anyone famous?
my brother has gone to astana. 
ann has helped her classmate with her homework.
my mother has sent a letter to her schoolfriend. 
i have just had breakfast.
mary has bought an interesting book. 
i have met a singer from a-studio.

if we don't care for our world the future generation will have a lot of health problems.

if i was a forester i would plant trees every year.

i don't like the weather like this.
a few years ago she worked as a secretary.


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СРОЧНО!!Exercise 77. Make up sentences according to the example. Example:

No sooner he (arrive) home___he fell

Перевести на английский.

1. Сейчас в Англии развиты различные отрасли промышленности.
2.Англия считается одной из самых основных промышленно развитых стран.
3. Некоторые районы страны традиционно славятся той или иной отраслью промышленности.
4. В последнее время региональные различия по отраслям промышленности стали менее заметными.
5. Всё больше и больше новых предприятий появляется в различных частях страны.
6. продукция тяжелого машиностроения.
7.автомобильная промышленность.
8.промышленность высоких технологий.

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Пожалуйста помогите, прям очень-очень срочно!))) Заранее спасибо) Complete the sentences . Use the negative form of the


Example: We had talks on Tuesday but we didn't discuss the terms of payment.

1.I looked through some newspapers but I ...

2.I went to the bank but I ...

3.We met out suppliers but we ...

4.The businessmen discussed the prices but they ...

5. The manager received some catalogues but he ...

6.Mr Blake was busy on Thursday but he...

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1)Complete the text with the passive form of the verbs in the box.


Thousand og young people apply to take part in this programme.They send video tapes to the producers and a group of them (1) ____ to take part.During the series,they live in a castle,where they (2) ____ to sing and dance.They (3) ___ not ___ to speak to their friends or family and every moment of their life in the castle (4) ___. Their lives (5) ___ on TV every evening and,on Saturday,there is a special show. A famous TV star (6) ___ on the show and one of the contestants sings a song with him or her. At the end of the programme, there is a vote and one person (7) ___ home.At the end of the series,the winner is (8) ___ a contract to make an album.

2)Choose the correct verb form to complete the sentences.
For Love or Money
1.This programme showed/was shown on American TV for the first time in 2003.
2.In this programme,fifteen women tried/were tired to win the heart of a rich young man.
3.In the first episode,the women learnt/were learnt that there was also a prize of $1 million.
4.The women told/were told to keep the prize a secret from the young man.
5.The man and the women took/were taken to different Californian cities to go out on dates.
6.At the end of each week,one woman left/was left in the show.
7.In the final show,the last woman told/was told she must choose between the man and the money.

I. Complete the sentences with words derived from the words in bold.( суффиксы и приставки) 1. Many people find their work rather___________(bore). 2. He

did not pass the exam. He was very______________(appoint) 3. Peter liked all animals and little children. It ____________( character) him like a very kind man. 4. The only thing poverty leads to is ___________(happiness) and ____________(literacy). 5. It was such an ______________(interest) excursion! 6. Susan is a _____________(charm) girl with lovely figure. 7. The ____________(distant) between S.Petersburg and Moscow is about 600 kilometers. 8. My Mom does the ______________(cook) in our family. 9. Your behavior is awful! You are ________________(polite) and ___________(moral)! 10. She had the ______________(appear) of an actress. II. Раскройте скобки. Поставьте глагол в нужное время или форму (герундий). A) Обратите внимание на времена сказуемых в главном и придаточном предложениях!!! В) Обратите внимание на условные предложения!!! 1. If you_____________ (phone) me earlier, we could have bought this book. 2. I can’t stand Mr. Brown! He__________________(always / tell a lie). 3. Steven______________(work) at this problem for three months. We’ll be able to see the presentation next week. 4. We________________(just / buy) a new car. We can go to the see. 5. Before Olga came to London, she___________________(learn) English for three years. 6. When her mother came home, Helen____________________(clean) the room since morning. 7. Thank you for_______________(come) in time. 8. There is no reason in______________(argue). 9. If the train _________________(come) in time, we would not have been late at the concert. 10. Yesterday at 5 o’clock Tom _______________(do) his homework and could not go for a walk. 11. Yesterday by 5 o’clock Tom_______________(do) his homework and could go for a walk. 12. If you ________________(phone) me, I would go to the cinema. 13. When her mother came home, she______________(write) the letter and___________(go) to the park with her friends. 14. If he _______________( buy) a car, we’ll go to the see. 15. If he___________________(buy) a car, we would go to the see. 16. If he____________________(buy)a car , we would have gone to the see. 17. My father _________________(work) here for three years. 18. My father__________________( repair) this car since morning. 19. If I had learned the grammar rules, I __________________(not /get) a bad mark. 20. If I learned the grammar rules, I_______________________(not/ get) a bad mark. 21. If I learn the grammar rules, I_______________________( not / get) a bad mark.

Translate the sentences with the verbs "bring" and "join"1 У нее

Translate the sentences with the verbs "bring" and "join"
1 У нее не было матери, и ее воспитывала тетя, сестра матери. 2. Ветер с юга приносит теплый и влажный (humid) воздух. 3. Я давно не видела твоего сына, приведи его с собой в следующий раз.4.Мейбл волновалась, что она не может заставить себя выйти за него замуж через столько лет. 5. Ворота открылись, и рикши внесли стул, на котором сидела Мейбл. 6. Мы собирались на прогулку, и друзья присоединились к нам. 7. Он вступил в спортивный клуб, чтобы играть в теннис. 8. Официант принес вино и фрукты. 9. Она так волновалась, что не могла заставить себя есть. 10. Ветер принес дождь и шторм. 11. Он не хотел работать в шахте (mine), как его отец, и пошел в армию.

1. Fill in the gaps with the proper form of the word given at the end of the line 1.He doesn’t get

any real … from playing basketball. ENJOY

2.He was very hard-working and … to his project. DEDICATE

3.School Council asked for help with the … of the Internet centre for students. ORGANISE

4.Unfortunately, Kate was … to admit she was wrong. WILL

5.A new course offers students the opportunity to be … and imaginative. CREATE

2. Put the words in brackets into the correct tense


If Kate were not (not to be) so creative and full of ideas, meetings at “Theatre Club” wouldn’t be (be) so exciting.

1.If you … (be) more organised, you … (always, do) everything on time.

2.If you … (listen) to the teacher attentively at the first lesson, you … (understand) the rule.

3.If I … (realise) how much I should revise for exams, I … (start) earlier. Now I won’t have time to do everything.

4.If I … (be) older, I … (have) exams this June.

5.If Ann … (come) earlier, she … (see) Patrick. He left a few minutes ago.

3. Complete the sentences with these words only.

a. vocational, b. qualification, c. degree, d. scholarship, e. diplomas

1.If you want to get a bachelor’s … , you should go to the university after school

2.Our local … college gives basic skills in many professions.

3.… of many Russia’s universities are accepted in different countries.

4.After this course you will get a … in computer design.

5.If you want to get a … , you should study hard at school.

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