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помогите составить предложение в present simple

10-11 класс

даны такие слова
who\have\the longest journey
видимо тут ещё нужно добавить do или does?

Vmarkov60 26 сент. 2015 г., 10:16:52 (5 лет назад)
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26 сент. 2015 г., 12:20:22 (5 лет назад)

do и does добавлять здесь не надо. т.к. это ВОПРОС к ПОДЛЕЖАЩЕМУ.
Who has the longest journey? У кого самое длинное путешествие?
В этом типе вопроса - вспомогательные глаголы не нужны и глагол ставится (не зависимо от ответа) в 3 лицо ед. число


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3)His friends have children.
4)This student has a red pencil.
5)These students have English have books.
6)Kotov has a good Russia book.
7)We have got a new country house.
8)She has an English lesson on Thursday.
9)We have a lesson on Friday.
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11)He usually has breakfast at home.

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Поманите пожалуйста очень нужно)
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1. I (to do) morning exercises.
2. He (to work) at a factory.
3. She (to sleep) after dinner.
4. We (to work) part-time.
5. They (to drink) tea every day.
6. Mike (to be) a student.
7. Helen (to have) a car.
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9. You (to be) good friends.
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3. It (to take) me about twenty minutes.
4. I (to have) breakfast at seven o’clock.
5. I (to leave) home at half past seven.
6. I (to take) a bus to the institute.
7. It usually (to take) me about fifteen minutes to get there.
8. Classes (to begin) at eight.
9. We usually (to have) four classes a day.
10. I (to have) lunch at about 2 o’clock.

Помогите выполнить задание по английскому..тут нужно в пассивном залоге составить предложения.

1) The decision (take, Past Simple) to sell BP’s three corporate jets.
2) 33 per cent of new businesses now (start, Present Simple) by women.
3) Mr.Huet recently (transfer, Present Perfect) to New York as head of Societe General in America.
4) Many jobs (take, Present Continuous) in the rapidly growing service sector — banking, computer programming, financial services.
5) To date, 22 government-owned concerns (privatize, Present Perfect), including the national airline and shipping companies, regional water utilities and a commercial TV station.
6) The fate of the sportswear company Adidas (decide, Past Simple) yesterday.
7) Tokay, the world’s oldest wine brand, (acquire, Present Continuous) by a Japanese distiller.
8) Turnover fell by 9 per cent to $1.5 billion mainly because
of divestments. The group said a further 17 non-core businesses
(sell, Past Perfect) during the year.
9) Where portable computers may previously (regard, Perfect infinitive) as a status symbol or even as an executive toy, they now (view, Present Simple) more objectively by the companies that buy them in quantity.

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