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Помогите по английскому нужно из прямой речи перевести в коссвенную) 1. She said, “How many hours a day do you watch TV?” 2. She said, “Don`t write a

5-9 класс

letter to Ann.” 3. He asked, “What magazines do you prefer to read?” 4. She said, “Tom is leaving tomorrow night.” 5. “Have you had your hair cut?”, my mother asked me. 6. The chief ordered, “Go to the theatre and book the tickets.” 7. She said, “Kent has visited many countries in western Europe.” 8. I said, “Don`t drink coffee at night, you will not sleep.” 9. He read, “The south of England is warmer than the North.” 10. “Are you going to pick up the phone?”, Miranda asked him. 11. He said, “Bring me some water, please.” 12. She was surprised, “Somebody stole my bag in the shop” 13. She asked, “Does this film about police and crime?” 14. “Please don`t tell anybody what happened”, Ann said to me. 15. He said, “I can` t move the piano alone.” 16. She said, “Dairy products are useful for little children.” 17. The teacher said, “What do you do to express yourself?” 18. She said, “Doctors don`t advise us to eat chips and chocolate.” 19. I asked my Dad, “Did you take part in the Great Patriotic War?” 20. The girl said, “All the guys try to look really cool driving up and down in their dad`s car.” 21. She said,” Limit saturated fats.” 22. She said, “Do you often take your blood pressure?” 23. She said, “Eat lots of fruits veggies and grain.” 24. He said, “Call a doctor if you have a strong pain in the heart.” 25. He said, “I am going to buy a new car.”

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1. She asked me How many hours a day I  watched TV 2. She told me not to write a letter to Ann 3. He asked me What magazines i prefered to read 4. She told me that Tom was leaving the next night 5. My mother asked me if I had had my hair cut 6. The chief ordered us went to the theatre and booked the tickets 7. She told me that Kent had visited many countries in western Europe 8. I advised him not to drink coffee at night, because he would not sleep 9. He read that The south of England was warmer than the North 10. Miranda asked him  if he was going to pick up the phone 11. He asked to Bring him some water 12. She was surprised that Somebody had stolen her bag in the shop 13. She asked me if this film was about police and crime 14. Ann asked  me not to tell anybody what had happened 15. He said that he could not move the piano alone 16. She said me that Dairy products were useful for little children 17. The teacher asked us What we did to express ourselves 18. She said me that Doctors did not advise us to eat chips and chocolate 19. I asked my Dad if he took part in the Great Patriotic War 20. The girl said me that All the guys tried to look really cool driving up and down in their dad`s car 21. She said me that Limit had saturated fats 22. She asked me if i often took my blood pressure 23. She said me that ate lots of fruits veggies and grain 24. He advised me to Call a doctor if I had a strong pain in the heart 25. He told me that he was going to buy a new car


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Помогите написать сочинение "Мой друг" по плану:

1. Where did they meet?
2. When did they meet?
3. What were they doing?
4. Why did they have in common?
5. What did they use to do before they became friends?

Перепишите предложения в страдательном залоге, сделав выделенные слова подлежащим.

They have postponed the (meeting.)

2. somebody is using the (compute)r at the moment.

Помогите расскрыть скобки

I (translate) this article when you rang me up

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Помогите перевести предложения из прямой речи в косвенную. 1. She said, "How many hours a day do you watch TV?" 2. She said, "Don't write a letter to

Ann." 3. He asked, "What magazines do you prefer to read?" 4. She said, "Tom is leaving tomorrow night." 5. "Have you had your hair cut?", my mother asked me.

Перевести в косвенную речь, а не на русский язык.

Преобразуйте следующие предложения в прямую речь 1. She said ,"How many hourse a day do you watch TV?" 2.She said ,"Do not write a letter to Ann" 3.He

asked,"what magazines do you prefer to read?" _ ПОМОГОТИ,РЕШАЕТСЯ ЧЕТВЕРТНАЯ ОЦЕНКА ПОМОГИТЕ

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Нужно из прямой речи перевести в косвенную.
1) She said, "I don't smoke."
2) They said, "It doesn't matter."

ТЕКСТ: Television, also called TV, is one of the most important mass media. People with a television set can sit at home and can see and learn

about people, animals, and things in faraway lands. Millions of viewers around the world can watch sports events and other events of worldwide interest. TV brings its viewers a steady stream of programmes that are designed to give information and to entertain. In fact, television provides more entertainment programmes that any other kind of mass media. The programmes include sports events, variety shows, quiz shows, feature films, cartoons, fictional serials called soap operas, etc. There are two main kinds of television stations: public stations and commercial stations. Public television stations are supported by the government. They usually broadcast more educational programmes and programmes on cultural subjects. News and current affairs programmes make up an important section of programmes for most public television stations. Commercial television stations are run by private companies. They sell advertising time to pay for their operating costs and to make a profit for the companies that run the stations. People can also subscribe to cable television system. Viewers pay a fee for this service. Cable television signals are delivered to home TVsets of their customers by cables. Some cable systems carry more than one hundred channels – far more than can broadcast even in the largest urban areas. Satellite broadcasting is another form of subscription television. The signals are transmitted to home TVsets from a direct broadcasting satellite in space. The viewer must have a dish-receiver aerial to receive the programmes. We may speak about different advantages and drawbacks of television but almost every home has at least one TVset. On average, a TVset is in use for about 7 hours each day. Thus, television is the most effective means of mass communication known to mankind. It has become the people’s eyes and ears on the world.

III. Найдите в тексте эквиваленты следующих слов и словосочетаний: средства массовой информации, телевидение, телевизор, дома, в далеких странах, спортивные события, зрители, фактически, развлекательные программы, развлекательные представления, художественные фильмы, мультфильмы, художественные сериалы, мыльные оперы, общественные телевизионные станции, транслировать, текущие события, составляют важную часть, продавать рекламное время, затраты, приносить прибыль, управлять станцией, кабельное телевидение, намного больше, спутниковое вещание.

IV. Найдите в тексте синонимы следующих слов: to watch, to comprise, major, to transmit, various, disadvantage.

V. Найдите в тексте антонимы следующих слов: the least, without, less, to buy, the smallest, disadvantage.

VI. Процитируйте предложения из текста, в которых употреблены следующие слова и словосочетания: in faraway lands, a steady stream, soap operas, current affairs, to make a profit, pay a fee, at least.

VIII. Употребите нужную форму глагола to be, to have. Besides the advantages, the television … some drawbacks. To tell the truth, there … many TV programmes that … no cultural or artistic value. There … rather many films about gangsters and killers. We … so tired of them. Lately, so many advertisement clips … appeared on TV screens. But still, TV remains the main source of information, and we … spending a lot of our free time in front of our TVsets.

IX. Дайте ответы на следующие вопросы:

1. What kinds of mass media do you know?

2. Why is TV one of the important mass media?

3. What kinds of mass media do you prefer?

4. How many TVsets do you have at home?

5. How much time a day do you watch TV?

6. Do you have cable or satellite television at home?

7. Do you watch educational programmes?

8. Do you use Internet? For what?

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