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Какой знак зодиака самый добрый? What zodiac sign the kind? Какой знак зодиака самый милый? What zodiac sign the nice? Какой знак зодиака самый смелый?

10-11 класс

What zodiac sign the Brave? Какой знак зодиака самый мудрый? What zodiac sign the wise?

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What zodiac sigh is the kindest?

What zodiac sigh is the nicest?

What zodiac sigh is the bravest?

What zodiac sigh is the wisest?


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«Don`t go out after dark, Tom», said Ann. Ann ... Tom not to go out after dark. a) said d) promised b) threatened e)


c) warned

Everybody was surprised to hear that ... to the party.

a) Jim will not come

d) Jim won`t be coming

b) Jim wouldn`t come

e) Jim isn`t coming

c) Jim doesn`t come

«You must do what you are told» , Father said to his son.

Father told his son that he ... what he ... .

a) must do/is told

d) was to do/told

b) had to do/were told

e) must do/was told

c) must have done/was told

The burglar replied that ... .

a) anybody had fifty witnesses who saw absolutely nothing.

d) he had fifty witnesses who had seen absolutely nothing.

b) he had fifty witnesses who saw absolutely nothing.

e) they had a lot of witnesses who are said to have seen.

c) he had fifty witnesses who see absolutely nothing.

She promised that as soon as she ... my letter, she ... answer it at once.

a) gets/will

d) will get/should

b) got/would

e) got/will

c) would get/would

She said, «I`ll give him my notes».

She said ... notes.

a) that she will give her my

d) that I should give him my

b) that she should give him my

e) that she would give him her

c) if she would give him

He said, «I can speak English very well».

He said that he ... English very well.

a) can speak

d) may speak

b) could speak

e) have to speak

c) will speak

My wife is … than your wife.

a) the most beautiful

c) more beautiful

b) beautifuller

d) beautiful

Their flat is … than ours.

a) more large

c) the larger

b) larger

d) large

You are … person that I know.

a) luckyer

c) the luckyest

b) the luckiest

d) lucky

Cats are not so clever … dogs.

a) as

c) than

b) so

d) that

The situation is … than I thought.

a) more bad

c) worse

b) badder

d) bad

Today the weather is … than yesterday.

a) niceer

c) much nicer

b) more nicer

d) nice

For me mathematics is … physics.

a) more easy as

c) easier than

b) easyer than

d) more easy than

This car is … of all.

a) an expensive

c) a less expensive

b) the least expensive

d) the little expensive

Concord was … plane in the world.

a) fast

c) the fastest

b) fastest

d) faster

The new teacher is … than the previous one.

a) many good

c) many better

b) a lot better

d) a lot of good

This room is not so … as that one on the first floor.

a) the most comfortable

c) comfortable

b) more comfortable

d) comfortabler

The more you learn … you become.

a) smarter

c) the smartest

b) the smarter

d) smart

These jeans are too small. I need … size.

a) a large

c) a largest

b) a larger

d) larger

We left … way possible.

a) the quickiest

c) a quicker

b) a quick

d) the quickest

22. If they …a taxi, they … the train.

a) take ... won’t miss

c) will take ... won’t miss

b) will take ... don’t miss

d) will take ... not miss

23. I … the report today if you … interrupting me.

a) finish … will stop

c) will finish … will stop

b) will finish … stop

d) finish … stop

24. If I …more money, I … to England to practice my English.

a) had … will go

c) had … went

b) had … would go

d) have … will go

25. If you …more attentive, you … so many mistakes in every test.

a) are … wouldn`t make

c) were … wouldn`t make

b) were … didn`t make

d) are … won`t make

26. What … you do if he … your son?

a) will … is

c) would … was

b) will … was

d) would … were

27. I …much safer if you … the light at night.

a) shall feel … didn`t turn off

c) should feel … didn`t turn off

b) should feel … don`t turn off

d) should feel … didn`t turned off

28. Mike …his best to save the situation if he … there, but he was on business.

a) would do … was

c) did, had been

b) would have done, had been

d) would have done, were

29. I … it if I … it with my own eyes.

a) shouldn't believe, hadn't seen

c) had believed, shouldn’t have seen

b) shouldn’t have believed, hadn't seen

d) had believed, shouldn’t seen

30. If I … good at dances, I … her to dance with me already.

a) were, would have invited

c) would be, would have invited

b) had been, would have invited

d) was, would have invited

Глаголы, данные в скобках, поставьте в правильную форму. They do everything wrong here! They _______(eat) too much meat and they ______(eat) it

at 11 p m. Yesterday we ______(go) out to dinner at 11.30 and we _____(have) trouble getting a table! At 1 a m we ______(be) still eating, and the restaurant _____(be) still half-full! They _______(spend) too many hours in the sun and they not _____(get) enough sleep. One Saturday night we ____(go) to a disco at 2 a m and ______(be) surprised to see a few people on the dance floor. Then the DJ ______(arrive) at 3 a m and the party ______(begin). Everything (be) wrong here, but I no _______(want) to _______(go) home!

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Помогите, переведите текст на английский язык, но только чтобы было все понятно.. Если где нужно подправьте!!!


Гороскопы в наше время - очень популярны.Каждый живой человек читал гороскоп. И каждому из нас хотелось верить, что именно завтра случиться то, чего так долго ждали!
Я верю в гороскопы только в психологическом плане.Для любого знака зодиака есть присущие ему черты характера. По гороскопу можно определить совместимость людей, узнать, с каким представителем знака зодиака можно дружить и это будет правдой. А если вам обещают денежный выигрыш , это смешно, и этому верить не нужно!

Не когда не занимался англ. языком, учил всю жизнь немецкий.

Добрый день. Проверьте пожалуйста моё сочинение по английскому. Буду очень благодарна.

I very love summer because in summer long holidays and don’t should to go to school and that’s why have much free time. When the summer starts I get lots of free time to spend with my friends and my family. This summer was very interesting. My parents and I went to the Kolyvan' for recreation. The air there is always fresh and clean compared to the city polluted air. Weather and nature in this country were beautiful. We swam a lot in the White Lake, we sunbathed, we also went on many excursions, even twice climbed the blue mount (1,210 m) is the highest point of the ridge Kolyvansky and we also found of new friends there. I can say that Kolyvan' is one of the most fascinating places I’ve ever been to. The scenery is nice and there are many interesting historic monuments. And I'm happy that I have traveled a lot and I hope that my first journey wasn't the last one.

Я очень люблю лето, потому что летом длинные праздники и не должны ходить в школу, и именно поэтому имеют много свободного времени. Когда начинается лето я получаю много свободного времени, чтобы провести с моими друзьями и моей семьи. Это лето было очень интересно. Мои родители и я пошел в Колывань для отдыха. Воздух здесь всегда свежий и чистый по сравнению с городом загрязненного воздуха. Погода и природа в этой стране были красивыми. Мы плавали много в Белом озере, мы загорали, мы также пошли на многие экскурсии, даже два раза поднялись синие горы (1210 м) является самой высокой точкой хребта Колыванского и мы также нашли новых друзей. Могу сказать, что Колывань является одним из самых интересных мест, которые я когда-либо был. Пейзаж хорош и есть много интересных исторических памятников. И я счастлив, что я путешествовал много, и я надеюсь, что моя первая поездка не была последней.

переведите на русский,пожалуйста!

1. School rules (what are the main rules in our school, what is permitted and forbidden, do you agree with the rules, do you find them reasonable, what would you like to change)
2. Higher education (what are the most famous universities, do you plan entering a university, which university would you choose, why, what are the differences between Russian and foreign universities)
3. Exchange programmes ( would you like to take part in an exchange programme, what are the opportunities you might have, what country would you like to attend , why, what are your interests and priorities, what qualities make you a successful participant) SB p. 18-20
4. Ways of self - expression (what are the main kinds of identity, how do people show their identity, what ways do you use to express yourself)
5. Subcultures (what makes people join subcultures, what are their main reasons, do you belong to any subculture or do you know someone who does, what’s your attitude to subcultures, give your reasons for or against)
6. Body language (what are the signs of good and bad body language, what are the differences around the world, how to detect different emotions with the help of body language, how to look confident) SB p. 30-32
7. Traditions (what a tradition is, kinds of traditions – family, national, religious etc. , why do people keep traditions, do we need all of the traditions, why/why not)
8. Celebrations (what are the main festivals in our country, do you celebrate them, what are your favourite celebrations, why, do we need all of festivals and holidays, which might be excepted)
9. Family and national traditions (give some examples of national and family traditions, does your family have any special way of celebrating, do you often gather and have family meals, what’s more important, to keep your family or national traditions, why)
10. Materialistic world (who a materialistic person is, are modern people materialistic, what makes them materialistic, are you materialistic, why/why not)
11. Poverty (main causes of poverty, main effects, your attitude to poverty, can we solve the problem of poverty)
12. Money and successes (who can be called a successful person, what does a person need to be successful, does money always bring happiness and success)
13. Family (what a family is, main kinds of family, why do people need family)

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