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Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Present Simple или Future Simple. (Все

5-9 класс

предложения отно сятся к будущему.)

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1.Когда раскрываешь скобки надо to  всегда убирать.


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Read the text and put the verbs in brackets into the Present Simple or the Present Continuous

(Прочитайте текст и поместите глаголы в скобках в Present Simple или Present Continuous)

Welcome to the London Zoo! Meet the monkeys! They don't live in cages. Look how funny they are! Look how they ... (jump) over the bushes. Look at those two little monkeys! They ... (play) hide and seek.
Monkeys ... (love) bananas and oranges. They ... (need) to eat lots of different fruit and vegetables to stay healthy. Look at that monkey in the tree! It ... (eat) a carrot. And it ... (have) some corn in the other hand. Here the zoo-keeper ... (come) with red apples in a bowl. The monkey ... (want) an apple. Look! It ... (climb) down the tree and ... (run) quickly to the zoo-keeper. The monkey ... (choose) an apple from the bowl - the biggest and the tastiest one, of course!

Помогите пожалуйста с вопросами : 1. задать вопрос к by bas а вопрос : I got to school by bas. 2. My monther

didn`t hear you , becaume the music was very loud. вопрос к My monther didn`t hear you

пожалуйста прешлите перевод заранее огромное спасиьо !!!

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1) Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Present Simple Passive. (USUALLY) 1. The postbox (to empty) every day. 2. The stamps (to

postmark) at the post office.

3. The letters (to sort) into the different towns.

4. The mail (to load) into the train.

5. The mailbags (to unload) after their journey.

6. The bags (to take) to the post office.

7. The letters (to sort) into the different streets.

8. The letters (to deliver).

2) Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Present, Past или Future Simple Passive.

1. Bread (to eat) every day. 2. The letter (to receive) yesterday. 3. Nick (to send) to Moscow next week. 4. I (to ask) at the lesson yesterday. 5.I (to give) a very interesting book at the library last Friday. 6. Many houses (to build) in our town every year. 7. This work (to do) tomorrow. 8. This text (to translate) at the last lesson. 9. These trees (to plant) last autumn. 10. Many interesting games always (to play) at our PT lessons. 11. This bone (to give) to my dog tomorrow. 12. We (to invite) to a concert last Saturday. 13. My question (to answer) yesterday. 14. Hockey (to play) in winter. 15. Mushrooms (to gather) in autumn. 16. Many houses (to burn) during the Great Fire of London. 17. His new book (to finish) next year. 18. Flowers (to sell) in shops and in the streets. 19. St. Petersburg (to found) in 1703.

3) Передайте следующие предложения в Passive Voice, обращая внимание на место предлога.

E.g. We often speak about her. — She is often spoken about.

1. We thought about our friend all the time. 2. The doctor will operate on him in a week. 3. The teacher sent for the pupil's parents. 4. They looked for the newspaper everywhere. 5. Nobody slept in the bed. 6. The neighbour asked for the telegram. 7. Everybody listened to the lecturer with great attention. 8. The senior students laughed at the freshman. 9. The group spoke to the headmistress yesterday. 10. The young mothers looked after their babies with great care. 11. Nobody lived in that old house. 12. They sent for Jim and told him to prepare a report on that subject.

Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы

Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в , Past Simple , Past Continuous , Present Continuous или Present Simple.
1. You (to know) him ? He always (to tell) a lie. 2. What he (to do) here ? - He (to wait) for his friend. 3. When I (to come) yesterday , I (to see) that my brother (to do) his lesson. 4.Where (to be) Nick? - He (to play) tennis. - He (to play) tennis well. 5. My wife (to be) in her room now. She (to sit) in the armchair and (to read) an interesting book. I (to want) to read this book ? too. 6. Where sha (to be) yesterday ? - She (to visit) her friend. They (to play) chess the whole evening. 7. What they (to do) the whole day last Sunday ? - They (to spend) the whole day in the country

Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Present Simple или Future Simple.(Все предложения относятся к будущему.)1. I

f the weather (to be) nice, we probably (to go) to the beach. 2. If he still (to have) a cold and (not to feel) better, he (not to go) to a disco. 3. If you (to decide) to forget about your diet, you (to eat) a piece of wedding cake tomorrow. 4. If I (to drink) too much champagne at my friend's wedding, I (to get) a bad headache. 5. If they (to go) to California next year, they (to visit) his friend in San Francisco. 6. If she (not to work) properly, her boss (to fire) her and (to hire) my sister. 7. I (to see) you before you (to start)? 8. What he (to do) when he (to come) home? 9. Where they (to go) if the weather (to be) fine? 10. He (to ring) me up when he (to return) home. 11. If it (to rain), we (to stay) at home. 12. She (to walk) home if it (not to be) too cold. 13. I am sure he (to come) to say goodbye to us before he (to leave) St Petersburg. 14. Please turn off the light when you (to leave) the room. 15. If we (to be) tired, we (to stop) at a small village halfway to Moscow and (to have) a short rest and a meal there. 16. If you (to miss) the 10.30 train, there is another at 10.35. 17. She (to make) all the arrangements about it before she (to fly) there. 18. Before he (to start) for London, he (to spend) a week or two at a holiday resort not far from here. 19. He (to watch) videos after he (to finish) his homework.

Помогите ! СРОЧНО !!!

Раскройте скобки , употребляя глаголы в Present Simple или Future Simple . ( Все предложения относятся к будущему )
My grandmother is superstitious. She always says to
me, "If you (to spill) salt, you should throw a little salt over
your left shoulder. If you (not to do) this, you (to have) bad
luck. If you (to break) a mirror, you (to have) bad luck for
seven years."
2. I (not to speak) to him until he (to apologize).
3. Peter (to introduce) us to his friends as soon as we (to
meet) them. 4. We (to go) to the station to meet Sergei when
he (to come) to St. Petersburg. 5. Don't go away until mother
(to come) back. Give her the note as soon as she (to come).
6. You (to go) to the library with us? — No, I ... . I (to stay)
here and (to help) Jane with her grammar. I (to come) to the
library after I (to finish). 7. Ring me up before you (to
come). 8. I (to speak) to Mary if I (to see) her today. 9. If
you (to ask) me a difficult question, I (to be) nervous. If I (to
be) nervous, I (to make) a mistake. If I (to make) a mistake,
the other students (to laugh) at me. If the other students (to
laugh) at me, I (to be) embarrassed. And if I (to be)
embarrassed, I (to cry). So please don't ask me a difficult

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