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Write questions.Ask about your friend and write the answers.

10-11 класс

How tall/to be/Nina/ast year?
How tall/to be/Nina/now?
What/to do/ Lera/want to be?
What/to be/Leras/favourite lesson?

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How tall was Nina last year? She was about 165 centimeters. How tall is Nina now? Now she is 168 cm What does Lera want to be? She wants to be a teacher What is Lera's favourite lesson? It's literature.


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люди помогите срочно нужно

1)играет на пианино,но это уже написано
3)катается на велосипеде
4)играет в футбол
5)считает на калькуляторе
6)плавает в бассейне
7)играет в баскетбол
8)сидит в интернете
вы по образцу увидите и поймете как делать
и не надо прошу писать "самому(самой) лень","вот слабаки","да там ведь все написано","фуууу легко".

Преобразовать предложение в специальный вопрос:

1. Pavlov establishes personal (contacts) with the clients. (What?)2. He discussed (business) problems with the partners. (What?)3. We will sum up the results of our work tomorrow. (When?)4. Managers must assess the performance of their employees. (Who?)5. He is always getting feedback from his subordinates. (What?)6. A sales manager is responsible for the work of an export manager. (What?)

Помогите ПОЖАЛУЙСТА поставить глаголы в правильной форме?

1) I ( to finish) to read book yesterday.
2) We all ( to help) dad in the garden when our mum ( to come).
3) My mother ( to wash) the floor and ( to water) the flowers for 2 hours before we ( to come).
4) By 2 o^clock yesterday my father ( to finish) his work in the yard.
5) She ( to play) this part for a yead when I ( to see) the performance.
6) We ( to do ) it before he ( to come).
7) While he ( to sleep) , his wife ( to watch ) TV.
8) You ( to meet) your friend yesterday ?
9) He ( to fix) his bike for an hour when his mother ( to call) him.
10) We ( to prepare) holiday dinner by 5 o^clock.
11) When she ( to come) they ( to argue).
12) When you ( to see) him?
13) I was sure Mary ) to learn) English since childhood.
14) She ( to pass) the exam by six o^clock.
15) I ( to read) the book whole evening,
16) They ( to leave) our town 5 years ago.

Помогите грамотно перевести пожалуйста!!!!!!!!!!!help!!

Действительно, компьютеры занимают большую роль в жизни людей. Компьютеры могут служить людям как для работы, так и для развлечений. Почти каждый современный человек работает на компьтере как дома так и на работе. С помощью компьютеров можно находить нужную информацию в интернете, смотреть фильмы,слушать музыку, читать книги и т.д

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I would like you to tell about your profession and the importance of effort. Just please tell about the complexities of adulthood and their future.

Thank you very much for you time. We are all waiting for your arrival.

Yours faithfully,


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