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Помогите поставить глаголы в нужную форму плз

10-11 класс

1) You (to see) the new picture by Wilkins?”Yes.How you (to
Like )it. I like it very much 2) You ever (to be) to Paris? Yes, I (to go) there last winter. 3. Is Father at home? No, he (not to come) yet. 4.I just (to finish) work and (to read a book now). 5. Where’s your son? He (not to come) home from school yet. I think he still (to play) football. 6. Whhen your children (to come) back to town? They (not to come) back yet 7. You (to do) the translation already? You only (to begin) it 20 minutes ago. 8. You (to finish) the work yet? Can i have a look at it?Certainly. I (to finish) it an hour ago. 9. I just (to have) breakfast, and (to read) the paper, I (to answer). You (to get up) so late? he (to say) and (to ask) me to go to his place at once. 10. When you (to come) to Moscow? A week ago.

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1. Have you seen the picture by W.? Yes, I have.
How do you like it?
I like it very much.
2. Have you ever been to Paris? Yes, I went there last winter.
3. Is Father at home? No, he hasn't come yet.
4. I've just finished work and I'm reading a book now.
5. Where's your son? He hasn't come home from school yet.
I think he's still playing football.
6. When did your children come back to town? They haven't come back yet.
7. Have you done the translation already? You began it only 20 minutes ago.
8. Have you finished the work yet? Can I have a look at it? Certainly. I finished it an
hour ago.
9. I had just had breakfast and read the paper, I answered. Did you get up so late? he said and asked me to go to his place at once.
10. When did you come to Moscow? A week ago.


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Около 20 предложений на тему:

about the future of the Internet (possible developments, new applications,

2 задание помогите пожалуйста
Нужно найти слово, которое подходило бы ко всем трем предложениям.

Any new decisions the committee takes must be in ____with previous policy.

пожалуйста помогите со следующим заданием.(а то ничего не приходит в голову).

write a short paragraph about yourself (40-50) words .

how much money you get?
where you get your money from?
what you spend your money on?
whether you are good with money?

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1) He (watch) TV every day.
2) My father (visit) our grandmother next week.
3) Usually they (not do) morning exercies.
4) Last summer my family (go) abroad.
5) Mike(not write) a letter yesterday.
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1. Раскройте скобки, поставьте глаголы в форму Present Perfect:

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3.Раскройте скобки, переведите. Помните, что в некоторых случаях употребляется Past SIMPLE!
1. When he (to come) home, his mother already (to cook) dinner.
2. When we (to come) to my friend’s house, he just (to leave).
3. When her husband (to enter) her office, she already (to finish) her work for that day.
4. Jennifer (to send) him an email after he (to call).
5. Andy (to ask) his friend before he (to propose) him his help.
6. We (to eat) a cake which I (to bring) an hour before.
7. My sister (to take) my dress which I (to buy) in Morocco.
8. I (to work) on the computer yesterday which I (to buy) a week ago.
9. I (to know) that my friend (not yet to complete) the test in the university.
10. Nick and his wife (to come) home from the theatre at five o'clock.
11. Nick and his wife (to come) home from the theatre by five o'clock.
12. She (to finish) my homework at seven o'clock.
13. She (to finish) my homework by seven o'clock.
14. They (to sell) their house before they (to buy) the new one.
15. He told me that he (to buy) a new car.
16. Yesterday I (to wake up), (to open) my eyes and (to remember) what I (to do) the day before.
17. She said that she (to have) a great vacation trip.
18. You (to complete) the test by Friday?
19. I (not to have) a lunch by the afternoon, so I was very hungry.
20. I (to fix) my car before my daughter (to return) back from school.

4.Поставь глагол в нужной форме (Past Perfect или Past Simple) в зависимости от смысла.

1. The house was very quiet when I got home. Everybody _____________(go) to bed.

2. I felt very tired when I got home, so I ______(go) straight to bed.

3. Sorry I am late. The car ______(break) down on my way here.

4. There was a car by the side of the road. It ________ (break) down and the driver was trying to repair it. So we _______ (stop) to help him.

5. Поставье глаголы в скобках в форму present, past или future perfect:

1. I hope you (not forget) all this by tomorrow. 2. I think she (cook) dinner by the time Mother (come) home. 3. He (be) a pensioner for ten years by next spring. 4. I hope they (tell) her the news by the time we (come). 5. Ask him when he (finish) packing. 6. What … you (do) when I (call) on you at 5
tomorrow? 7. He (search) every corner of your room before he (leave). 8. The plane (approach) Moscow at this time tomorrow. 9. By the time you (get) home we (prepare) everything for the party. 10. They (come) to see us next Sunday. 11. The doctor (examine) his last patient at this time tomorrow.

Поставьте глаголы в нужном времени,

Поставьте глаголы в нужном времени, употребив каждое из данных обстоятельств.


I (to receive) the enquiry from Green & Co (this week, yesterday,

just, two days ago, this morning, last month). 2. We (to visit) some

places of interest (today, a week ago, already, yesterday). 3. They (to

be) in the office (yesterday, lately, this week, just).

Помогите поставить глагол в нужную форму ! пожалуйста,срочно! 1.He (wake) around six o clock and (have) a cup of coffee. 2.I sometimes

(meet) your father.

3.He (read) a lot.

4.It (rain) heavily.

5.They (to buy) new furniture.

6.She always (show) pictures of her children.

7. He (have) a car.

8. I (wait) for the teacher.

V.​Составьте предложения, поставив глаголы в нужной форме:

1) (always/ early/ our manager/ arrive)?
2) (often/ we/ letters and faxes/ to/ send/ different firms).
3) (Kate/ finish/ early/ never/ her work).
4) (My boss/ meet/ seldom/ at his office/ customers).

VI.​Поставьте по одному общему вопросу к каждому предложению, используя
вспомогательные глаголы do или does:
1) Mr.Petrov lives in Moscow.
2) My sister's friend works at an office.
3) This secretary always does her work well.
4) These engineers often send letters to our firm.
5) We always type letters on the computer.
VII.​Поставьте вопросы к подчеркнутым словам:
1) Our company is very 1 arge.
2) We've got offices in different cities.
3) Mr. Petrov meets customers every day.
4) Our managers usually come to the office at 9 in the morning.
5) We often stay in the office all day.

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