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XII. Раскройте скобки и употребите глаголы в нужной форме.

5-9 класс

1. Factories (not/ to use) this method of processing.
2. Not only goods but also services (to be) important for consumers.
3. The industry (not/ to use) the resources intensively.
4. The factory (to belong) to a Japanese company.
5. The primary sector (not/ to include) services to consumers.
6. There (to be) a lot of agricultural land in this part of the country.
7. Manufacturing (to grow) last in the UK and mining (not/ to grow) fast now.
8. There (to be) several industries which (to belong) to the primary sector.
9. You (to be) a manager?

XIII. Сделайте следующие предложения утвердительны­ми или отрицательными в зависимости от смысла, употре­бив глаголы в нужной форме.

1. Manufacturing industries (to be) important in all countries.
2. Agriculture (to include) crop and animal farming.
3. Mining (to belong) to the service sector.
4. Industries of the primary sector (to process) resources.
5. Fishing, forestry, and beekeeping (to be) industries of the secondary sector, they (to belong) to the primary sector.
6. Countries which (to be) rich in land (to produce) agricultural products.
7. Mining (to be) a very important industry in Russia.
8. Agriculture (to provide) goods for consumers and manufacturing.
9. In industrialized countries, the service sector (to grow) very fast.

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1 don't use
2 is
3 don't use
4 belongs
5 don't include
6 is
7 was grown / don't grow
8 is / belongs
9 is

1 is
2 includes
3 belongs
4 is
5 is / belongs
6 is / produces
7 is
8 provides
9 grows
вроде так :)


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Помогите пожалуйста

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I (1) (meet) a man
in a pub once and he (2) (tell) me this story: a friend of his (3)
(work) on his car one morning. This friend (4) (have) a large dog.
Before he (5) (start) work, he (6) (put) the dog in the car and (7)
(close) the door. Well, he was un¬der he car, (8) (work) busily,
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Раскройте скобки и поставьте глаголы в нужную форму (очень срочно)

Robert's father and elder brother (work) on an oil rig. They (get up) at the same time every day and do the same work every day. Sometimes Robert's father feel sad because he (not see) his family for weeks. He often (send) e`mails to his family. He (like) watching television.

Robert's brother's name is Dave. He (go) to the own small room on the oil rig. There (be) a table and a chair on the right of the door and there (be) a bed along the wall. Dave (like) listening to music. He (have got) an MP3 player and lots of CDs. He often (go) to the gym and (do) some exercises. Dave (enjoy) texting friends on his mobile phone.

1)When we came to the station, the train already _______ (to leave). Откройте скобки и напишите глалол в нужной форме.

2)Kate gave me the book which she _______ (to buy) the day before.
Откройте скобки и напишите глалол в нужной форме.
3)He _______ (to think) that he _______ (to lose) the money.
Выберите один ответ.
a. had thought, lost
b. thought, had lost
c. thought, lost

4)The teacher _______ (to understand) that Lena _______ (not to do) her homework.
Выберите один ответ.
a. had understood, didn’t do
b. understood, hadn’t done
c. understood, didn’t do

5)When I got home, I found that someone _______ into my flat and _______ my fur coat.
Выберите один ответ.
a. broke, had stolen
b. had broken, stole
c. had broken, had stolen

6)Father already _______ (to go) to work when I _______ (to wake) up yesterday.
Выберите один ответ.
a. went, woke
b. went, had waken
c. had gone, woke

7)When I came home, mother ______ dinner.
Выберите один ответ.
a. cooked
b. have cooked
c. had already cooked

8)Nick showed the teacher the picture which he _______.
Выберите один ответ.
a. drewed
b. had drawn
c. drew

9)There was a car by the side of the road. It ______ (to break) down

10)It was my first time in the airplane. I was very nervous because I ______ before.
Выберите один ответ.
a. flew
b. hadn't flown
c. had flown

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