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1)Would you like to join any of the organisations you've heard about?

10-11 класс

2)Are there any youth organisations in your country?
3)Are you a member of any youth organisations?
4)Have you ever been involved into a campaign?
5)Have you ever been leader of a project?
Помогите ответить, можно не на все) Спасибо)

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1) Would you like to join any of the organisations you've heard about? Yes< I would.
2) Are there any youth organisations in your country? Yes. there are.
3) Are you a member of any youth organisations? No. I'm not.
4) Have you ever been involved into a campaign? No, I haven't.
5) Have you ever been leader of a project? No, I haven't.


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Перепишите и письменно переведите условные предложения.

1). I'll give you the book on
condition you return it next week.

2). If he were here, he would help

3).She would not have caught cold if
she had put on a warm coat.

(1)Раскройте скобки, употребив глагол в нужном времени. 1)1.LOOK!HOW many birds to high up in the air! 2.Yesterday he to tell us for two hours about

his trip to India. 3.I to watch TV, when somebody to Knock at the door. 4.These goods export to all European countries. (2)Составте предложение из данных слов 2)1/Tomorrow,shall,at,we,for,here,you,be,time,waiting. 2/ Now,being,what,are,questions,discussed? 3/Him,there,to,20 minutes,get,takes,it. 4/In,tney,while,were,got,working,together,married,Malaysia,they. (3)Переведите предложения обращая внимание на модальные глаголы 1.You may call me Dolly if you like,bit you mustn`t call me child. 2.You must be at an oficce at 10 10 o`clock. 3.You needn`t deal with this shop if you don`t like it. 4.He can lend me a dictionary for a week. (4)Перепишите предложения раскрыв скобки и употребив глагол в придаточных предложениях 1.She will be delighted when she hear this. 2.When we take our exams we`ll have holiday. 3.She will be angry if I be late. 4.If he like the house well he buy it? 5) Hand-held computer The electrohic translator, a calculator-like device,offered travelers a computerized foreig-language dictionary.Two US companies have recently put such devises on the market.One of Japanese companies said it would begin manufacturing a translator device later.However,it said it`s machine would be more than just a translator.In fact,the company said it would be making the worid`s first all-purpose,hand-held computer. This machine will be the same translator device but it will make use of several attachments:those now of the drawing board include a mini-printer that effectively turns the translator info a typewriter,a video screen that would make the machine function as a miniatuare computer display terminal ahd a vose synthesizer so that user can hear as well as see the information stored in the machine.Through the use of programmed information capsules the machine will also be able to function as an electronic encylopedia,putting spots, arts,history and other facts at the user`s fingertips.With capsules that user can program themselves,the computer applications become broader,extending to home accounting,telephone and adress fillig and even recipe indexing.

Ex. 15. Complete the

sentences using the words too or either and translate them.

напиши пжст сочинение на тему как я пользуюсь компьютером(80 сл)

на английском,очень срочно нужно.

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1.Have you ever done any psychological vocational test? What did they reveal? 2. Would you like to go into the same career as your parents? Why

or why not?

3.How have your parent's jobs influenced your career choice? In what way?

4. Do you often discuss your future career with your friends?

5.Would you like to choose the same professions as any of your friends? Why?

6.Whose opinion is important to you in choosing a career? Why?

please continue the following situations a) If I were a bird, I would be a ...{what kind of bird, and why do you like to be the one?} b)

If I were an animal, I would be a...{what kind of animal and why do you like to be the one}

c) If I were a flower, I would be a ...{what kind of flower and why would you like to be the one?}

ПОМОГИТЕ выбрать !!! (пожалуйста без ошибок - это важно) !!! HELP .*.

Выберите один из предложенных вариантов (настоящее время) :
1." Where (are you going / do you go) ?" to the disco. Would you like to join me.
2.The company (is owning / owns) a great number of hotels and restaurants.
3.We are all here now except Mr. Thomas who still (is having / has) lunch.
4.Look, i (am / am being) secere whith you. Your chances to get this job are low.
5." Is Mr. Anderson in the office? " " I don't know. I (haven't seen / don't see) him all day.
6." Do you need these papers? " " No, I (have read / have been searching) for it all morning.
7. Have you seen my organizer? I (am searching / have been searching) for it all morning.
8. It's nice to be bleak here in Edinburgh. This is the second time (am come / have come) here.
9. Is it Mr. James? He (looks / is looking ) so different in a suit.
10. (Do you need / are you needing) another blanket or (you are feeling / do you feel) warm enough?

Directions: Complete the sentences with will or be going to, as appropriate. Include any words in parentheses.

1. A: Excuse me, waiter! This isn't what I ordered. I ordered a chicken sandwich.
B: Sorry, sir. I__________________take this back and get your sandwich.
A: Thank you.

2. A: Would you like to join Linda and me tomorrow? We _________ visit the natural history museum. B: Sure. I've never been there.

3. A: Where's the mustard?
B: In the refrigerator, on the middle shelf.
A: I've looked there.
B: Okay. I_______find it for you.

4. A: What's all this paint for? (You)______paint your house?
B: No, we_____paint my mother's house.

5. A: Paul, do you want to go with me to the shopping mall?
B: No thanks. I have some things I have to do today. I________wash my car and then clean out the basement.

6. A: Someone needs to take this report to Mr. Day's office right away, but I can't leave my desk.
B: I______do it.
A: Thanks.

7. A: Let’s make something easy for dinner. Got any ideas?
B: I ______make some hamburgers. Why don’t you make a salad?
A: Sounds good.

8. A: Why did you buy so many tomatoes?
B: I_______make a lot of spaghetti sauce.

Исправьте ошибки: 1. I have not seen Moskva river yet 2.Would you like to go to the South Africa in May? 3.London is a very large c

ity. It is one of the largest citys in the world.

4. It usually take me ten minutes to get to school.

5. It will takes you an hour to get to the museum.

6. It takes us two hous to decorate the room last year.

7. I am sure it will take you a hour to write this exercise.

8. It does not takes him long to learn new words.

9. It did not took them much time to open the door.

10.He is ready. It has took him five minutes to wash up.

11. St Petersburg is one of the most beautiful city in the world.

12. There are a lot of beautiful old churchs in Suzdal.

13. Mary likes to do the shopping in the OxfordStreet.

14.I never was in India.

15. Nick already saw the film

16. Tom has not already seen the film.

17. Did you ever buy clothes?

18.My aunt has never work in a hospital.

19. They have visited Mrs Spencer two days ago.

20. They just saw their teacher.

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