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прислів'я про спілкування на англ.мові СРОЧНО плиз

10-11 класс

Arturbudovsky20 28 марта 2015 г., 6:52:35 (5 лет назад)
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28 марта 2015 г., 8:02:09 (5 лет назад)

.A word spoken is past recalling- Слово — не воробей, вылетит — не поймаешь!        Speech is silver but silence is golden - Слово – серебро, а молчание – золото.    East or West, home is best -В гостях хорошо,а дома лучше.    


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Помогите пожалуйста...!!!!Очень нужно!!!зарание спасибо!!!Вставить пропущеное

1.The case __ again because theyre not satisfied with the verdict

a)is being opened b)is been opened c) is being open

2.It is necessary to install numerous __ systems for the treatment of industrial wastes

a)puritying b)pure c)purity

3.Are you concerned about pollution __ in other countries

a)happening b)happens c)happened

4.Industrial waste and sewage get into natural water reserves __ them

a)having polluted b)polluted c)polluting

5.To stop __ activities,individuals can work together

a)polluted b)polluting c)pollute

6.Smog can now be _ all over the contry

a)find b)finding c)found

7.Pesticides __ in the fields are washed off into rivers

a)apply b)applying c)applied

8.Ukraines cities have grown around its huge __ industrial centres

a)planning b)plan c)planned

9.The amount of garbage __ on the planet,is staggering

a)produced b)produces c)produce

10.He said he was quite __ with my progress

a)satisfying b)satisfied c)satisfy

11.Do you find golf __?

a)bore b)bored c)boring

12.The fire-brigade arrived and put __ the fire

a)down b)out c)off

13.Her plans is taking __!Lool!

a)off b)of c)away

14.Take the form and fill it __

a)on b)in c)down

15. The police got into the house by breaking __ the door.

a)down b)in c)to

16.She tried __ a jacket in the stop but she didnt buy it.

a)on b)in c)up

17.I cant hear you very well,can you speak __ a bit?

a)up b)out c)in

18.They asked me to ring our manager

a)to b)up c)at

19.She was offered a job but she turned it __

a)on b)down c)can

20.They are rather rich.They _ visit different countris every year

a)will able b)ought c)can

21.It was raining but I ___ to go to the bus -stop to meet him

a)have b)had c)might

22.They _ change trains

a)mustnt to b)hadnt to c)didnt have to

23.He lost his job because he __ to quarral with his boss

a)dared b)could c)should

24.The steamer ___ to Odessa on the 15-th of September

a)to be come b) is to come c)are to come

25.The meeting is at 10 oclock sharp and you __ late

a)mustnt be b)may not c)cant

26.Our groupmates __ to finish the work today

a)can b)will be able c)could

27.This exercise is too long. __ we do it in writing?

a)shall b)will c)would

28.I __ sent him a telegram,but I forgot

a)were to b)be to c)was to have

29.Police fire fighters and newspaper reporters __ work on holiday in the USA

a)could b)might c) must

30.The children __ to go for a walk evening

a)could b)were allowed c)might

Определить предложение содержащие инверсию

-It was this scientist who understood the ideas of ageing
-The ideas did scem important
-We could not support his idea. Neither could he
Я склоняюсь к третьему,правильно?

1) Перепишите предложения, подчеркните неличную форму глагола и определите

ее (инфинитив, герундий, причастие или одна из сложных конструкций).
Предложения переведите:

Choose the correct form of the verb.

1. Helen (is given, was given, will be given) an award tomorrow.

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