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5-9 класс

I would like to tell you about my awful trip.It was in 2005 year in October.I made up my mind to travel to South China.I decided to go by air,then by car because South China is very big and I wanted to visit many cities and villages there.
I packed my personal things and went to the airport Domodedovo.I stand near passport control,then I opend my purse to take documents,put my hand and I was shocked.I lost my passport and tickets.I looked at the watch and understood,I missed the plane.I went out airport,took taxi and went my home.
Remember!Then you are going to travel,dont forget all important things-passport,documents and tickets.

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Помогите с английским! Везде искала, нету! 7 класс, Spotjight:

"Complete the table with the correct past forms of the verbs."
• find • tell • watch • stop • dive • cry • take • solve • call • go • try • drop • fill • feel • send

Ребята,подскажите,вот когда задают домашнее по английском,например p 4. ex 2

что такое p и ex?я знаю,что одно из них,вроде "страница",а другая "номер",что из этих букв значит это?

put the verbs in brackets into the present simple or present continuous. 1 A: What ....... (you/think) of chess. B: I ........

(not/like) it, actually, i ...... (prefer) playing darts.

2 A: Do you agree that bob is very good at cards?

Помогите прошу

B: oh on ! I ...... (not/believe) he is a good player. he ..........(always/cheat)!

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Проверьте текст по английскому . Особенно грамматику (времена).

It was a magic day at school. Happy children were running around the school. Dasha and me had went to house before lessens ended.
When we were coming at home, Dasha and me saw that our TV itself included. I was calling my mother while Dasha turned off the TV, but he not turned off. We thought it would made a gosts.
My mom had been riding in home 2 hours so she was tired. My mother sanded that it's not hosts.We have very oldest TV, and he very bad work.
Dasha and me were laughing all day because it was very funny.
Пожаааалуйста,проверьте. Срочно надо. 8-й класс.

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It is not forbidden to use mobile plones in our school, but not during the lessons.
But, of course, almost all students ignore this rule.
As for me , sometimes i use my phone in the lessons to find answers from test or ot chat with somebody.

Проверьте текст по английскому языку и укажите ошибки.I do not

think that superheroes it is Spiderman, Iron Man , Betmen . My superhero is the
employee ministry emergency situation. I believe that there work are real
people , many of which risk their lives, perform feats . They come to the aid
of people and animals. They help animals in distress, help people have fallen
into the well, eliminate the effects of the accident and so on. Brigade MOE
often sent to help in places of natural disasters, floods, fires, catastrophes.
Sometimes they even fly to other countries. Constant professional risk places
high demands on the quality of the physical and psychological stability
employee MOE.

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My perfect school

Помогите плз надо проверить текст к дню благодарения срочно:

Thanksgiving Day has come. On this day, I say “Thank you” to my parents.
Thanks Mom that you gave me life, you educate and you cherish of me. I like when you laugh and smile. I do not like when you are angry and when you cry. As well when we go to cinema or cafe. Pleasantly walk and travel with you. You are often merry and happy.
Thanks Father that you take care of me, that you my good friend. Thanks for your wise advices and kindness. You taught me to ride a bike and ski, work hacksaw and hammer. We are engaged mathematics. We study computer. Pleasantly walk and travel with you. I like ride a boat with you. We talk a lot about space and stars.
I like to help you. I go shopping and cook breakfasts.
I love you! Be healthy, happy and lucky.

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