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To have a drink перевести

5-9 класс

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иметь питьеееееееееее

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выпить. выпивать


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Нужен перевод текста, помогите пожалуйста

1. Friendship is one of the few kinds of relationship we have control over.
2. That's why it is an interesting area of research for sociologists.
3. Although, we can't choose our relatives or teachers, we can choose our friends.
4. But how do we choose them, and why is it that we find some people's personality more attractive for us than others?
5. We are all looking for similar features in our friends, such as honesty, a good sense of humour and kindness.
6. However, what each of us means by "a good sense of humour", for example is different.
7. We are all unique, and so the ideal friend for one person may seem a little boring to someone else!

Заранее спасибо


1) If you're going to love me and cherish
I will always answer you same,
And if there is no way, I will perish...
But my favorite word is your name!

I hope you find my words and discover,
What you mean to me in this life ...
I love you, my dear, you know it,
Don't cut pieces my heart with your knife!

Make a list of the famous people you like. Cut out their pictures andmake a list of the famous people you like. Cut out their pictures and write

down their birthday. In class read your list to your friends and answer their questions about these people
Английский помогите пожалуйста!!! Выполните задание

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Поставьте вспомогательный глагол to have в нужной форме

1) He ___ brought me an interesting book.
2) She___ never been to London.
3) ___ they finished the job yet?
4) ___ he discussed the question with the manager?
5) ___ She come yet?

Употребите to have или to be в правильной форме
1)Peter ... a new suit.
2) They ... many friends.
3) What ... your favourite books?
4) There ... many sports centres in my town.
5) My friend ... a car.

Помогите пожалуйста!Раскрыть скобки, употребляя глаголы в Present Simple1) Alice ( to have) a sister.2) Her sisters name (to be)


3) Ann (to be) a student.

4) She (to get) up at seven oclock.

5) She (to go)to the institute in the morning.

6) She (to do) her morning exercises every day.

7) Jane (no be) fond of sports.

8) For breakfast she (to have) two eggs, a sandwich and a cup of tea.

9) After breakfast she (to go) to the institute.

10) Sometimes she (to take) a bus.

11) It (to take) her an hour and a half to do her homework.

12) She (to speak) English well.

13) Her friends usually (to call) her at about 8 oclock.

14) Ann (to take) a shower before going to bed.

15) She (to go) to bed at 11 p.m.

Florida(0) has (to have) a lot of wildlife. A lot of

animals (1) ______ (to find) in and around Florida. Some animals (2)______(to
protect).Special care (3)______( to take) of the manatee, bald eagle, sea
turtle, and porpoise. The manatee is a large se animal. it isn't afraid of
people and often (4)_____( to play) with swimmers. Bald eagles (5) ____ ( to
like) the Florida
climate , but when people )6)______(to build) more houses , eagles (7)_____ (
to have) fewer places to build their homes. The Miami Audubon Society (8)_____
(to take ) care of eagles if they (9)____(to hurt).Sea turtles (10)____(to
have) a special place on Hutchinson
Island, where their
babies can grow. Babies (11)___(to protect) until they can swim out to sea.
Porpoises (12)____( to catch) into large fishing nets. These fishlike animals
(13)____(to find) in the wild, but they also (14)___(to do) tricks in shows
around the world. They (15)______(to use) in many projects. Porpoises are
playful animals, people can ride on their backs.

помогите сделать 2 упражнения State the form of the given infinitive : to be mentoined , to be shouting , to have been told , to be dancing , to have

been travelling 2 упражнение Supply all the missing forms of the following infinitive : to be done , to have been talking , to have made , to have been spending , to be selling

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