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скласти речення chinese food/hawe/tried/ever/you? china/he/been/to/has. london/has/been/to/she/since/finished/she/the/university.

10-11 класс

cario/lived/they/in/hawe/199/since has/How long/lived/jack/in ondon? mary/him/before/has met

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10 окт. 2014 г., 19:28:18 (4 года назад)

have you ever tried chinese food

he has been to china

she has been to london since she finished the university

they have lived in cario since 199

how long has jack lived in london

mary has met him before

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10 окт. 2014 г., 20:02:10 (4 года назад)

1)Have you ever tried chinese food.

2)He has been to China.

3)She has been to london since she finished the university.

4)They have lived in cario since 199.

5)How long has jack lived in London.

6)Mary has met him before.


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Use the Present Perfect Tense. 1. He gets up at 6 a. m. (just)

2. We translate English texts every week, (already)
3. I see her every day. (today)
4. They pass the exams every year, (already)
5. I know him very well, (since 2000)
B. Use the Past Perfect Tense.
1. They finished their experiment, (by 5 o'clock)
2. She typed the letter, (by the time we returned)
3. He looked through the documents, (by 12 o'clock)
4. He had supper at 8 o'clock, (by that time)
C. Use the Future Perfect Tense.
1. I'll make dinner tomorrow, (by the time my husband comes)
2. They will build the shop next year, (before we move there)
3. We are packing the things, (by the time the taxi comes)
4. They will pass the exams in June, (by July)

Use the words in CAPITAL letters in the appropriate forms.СЛОВА В СКОБОЧКАХ ПОСТАВИТЬ В НУЖНУЮ ФОРМУ.

I'm a university student and I live in a big city now. I like it because there're lots of ___________opportinities here. There are lots of different shows, performances and concerts. The tickets are usually quite __________ but fortunately we have student discount cards. Last weekend my friends and I were __________ to get discounted tickets for the concert of a famous rock band. But my life is not only fun-I have to study very hard. My parents would be very disappointed to get any discouraging news about my academic___________. I want my family to feel proud of me. I believe we can never become absolutely ____________ of our parents as we always need their love and _____________.

Слова которые нужно вставить:

They (not to study) Maths now, they (to study) Science Where (to be) you? I (to be) in the gym at the moment He (to like) P.E.? Yes, he (to do). He (to

play) volleyball realy well What language Tom and Jack (to speak)? The (to speak) English. They (to be) from Manchester Come and help me! I (to try) to do my History test What your mum (to do)? She (to be) a teacher What your dad (to do)? He is fixing the fridge Where (you (to be) yesterday? I (to be) in the park"

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Test (using of the tenfes) 1)The bufinessman (fly) to England yesterday. 2)You usually (not drink) coffe of this time. 3)What is

thet you (drink) now?

4)You (eat) fruit every day?

5)The mouse (hide) while the cat (watch).

6)Be careful! You (drive) to fast.

7)He (came) if you (asj) him.

8)My friend alway (tell) me the truth, but I see that she (tell) me thelie now.

9)You ever (see) a flying soucer?

10)There was nobody, when I (get home).

11)If you (see) this film,we (discuss) it later.

12)Everything (go) wrong that Thursday.

13)I (ring) the dentist 3 times but there (be) no reply.

14)A dolphin (look) like a big fish.

15)Dickens (begin) to write when he (be) very young.

16)What you (do) when I come?

17)Listen! Somebody (knock) the door.

18)He (sfand) and (watch) while the boys (fight).

19)How time (fly)!

20)What you (do) here?

21)You (make) your report yet?

22)How long you (work) at our office?

23)Her friend (wait) for her till 5 o'clock.

24)When we came the plane (take off).

25)I never (see) any pictures by Monet.

26)What we (do) if she (be) late&

27)At 10 o'clock tomorrow she (work).

28)I (read) a book tomorrow by 5 o'clock.

29)Some man (play) the piano.

30)You (pass) the exam last Monday?

31)I not (see) him for ages.

32)While we ( work) my dog (hurt) the leg.

33)He (sit) in he garden whrn Tom (come)

34)I (finish) the house work by 2 o'clock.

35)Now I (watch) TV.

Помогите пожалуйста! 1. I (not yet to eat) today. 2. He (not to eat) yesterday. 3. You (to play) the piano yesterday? 4. You (to play) the

piano today? 5. What you (to prepare) for today? 6. Look at this birdhouse. Mike (to make) it himself. He (to make) it last Sunday. 7. Where you (to put) my pen? I cannot find it. 8. You (to see) Mary today? 9. When you (to see) Mary? - I (to see) her last week. 10. Your mother (to promise) to take you to the theatre? 11. Look at my new dress! I (to make) it myself. 12. He is not at school today, he (to fall) ill. - When he (to fall) ill? - He (to fall) ill yesterday. 13. I already (to do) my homework. Now I can go for a walk. 14. I (to do) my homework yesterday. 15. He just (to come) home. 16. He (to come) home a minute ago. 17. Nick (to play) football yesterday. 18. She already (to come) from school. Now she is doing her homework. 19. I (to read) this book last year. 20. I (to read) this book this year. 21. I never (to be) to Washington. 22. You ever (to be) to New York? 23. I don't think you ever (to see) Niagara Falls. 24. I (to invite) Linda to the party. - When you (to see) her? - I (not to see) her for ages. I (to call) her an hour ago.

1. Have you got a light? - Sorry, I (not/smoke).2. My wife has never been to France. She (plan) to go there next summer.3. Your car is so clean. How often

you (wash) it?4. Students often (think) that exams (be) a nuisance.5. Peter seldom (tell) the truth. You can't believe everything he (say).6. You (understand) what he (talk) about?7. Nancy (look) like her father.8. What you (dop. - I'm an engineer.9. The soup (taste) good.10. Your brother (be) a student now? - Yes, he (study) at the University.11. Ann (play) the piano better than Susan.And who (play) now? - I (think) it (be) Susan.12. What you (do) tomorrow evening? -1 (go) to the theatre.13. I usually (not/have) breakfast before I (go) to work.14. She often (take) my dictionary but seldom (remember) to bring it back. If tomorrow she (ask) for the dictionary again, I shan't give it to her.15. What a beautiful dress you (wear).' When did you buy it?16. He is a night watchman. He (work) at night and (sleep) in the daytime.17. She (be) a dietician. She (help) people to choose the right food.18. They (say) if you (see) a black cat, you (not/liave) good luck.19. Jane (be) in Paris now. She (learn) French there.20. If Peter (continue) to drive his car carelessly, he'll get into a traffic accident.21. You (hear) this noise downstairs? What can it be?22. Have you heard about Tom? He (build) a new house now.23. You'll have to put on your rubber boots if it (not/stop) raining in a minute.24. If I (have) some time in the evening, I'll repair your bicycle.25. Excuse me, but you (stand) on my foot.26. She (give) two concerts in London next week.27. What time the children (come) out of school, as a rule?28. Why you (smell) the meat? It (not/be) fresh?29. She always (let) me down!30. You (believe) in God?31. You always (complain) about the weather!32. Take the saucepan off the cooker! The water (boil).33. I'm afraid you can't see my daughter at the moment. She (have) a music lesson. She always (have) it on Friday mornings.34. She (be) still ill, but she (get) better now.35. It often (rain) here at this time of the year?36. Don't interrupt me while I (talk) to somebody else.37. He's a doctor, but he (not/practise) at the moment.38. What he (do)! - He (try) to get the car started.39. In Britain most shops (close) at 5.30 p.m.40. I'm sorry it's so noisy, but we (move) the furniture.41. Where you (come) from?-I (come) from Russia.42. Flowers always (make) a good present.43. Alice never (go) to work by bus. She (walk) through the park, as a rule.44. What he (mean) by saying this? It (sound) strange.45. I (write) to my parents twice a month.46. She always (be late) for classes!47. I (write) this letter to you while the children (play) on the beach. Actually, they (play) here the whole day.48. If we (start) at nine, we (have) plenty of time for the shops. We (be) free till half past four.49. They always (tell) him everything. So I (think), he (know) about it already.50. This carpet (cost) 30 dollars. Why not buy it?51. He still (try) to find a job but there (not/be) much work available at present.52. Believe me, I (think) of you all the time.53. I (not/know) how they (make) both ends meet. They (have) six children and (not/earn) very much.54. My mother (think) that hitch-hiking (be) dangerous.55. The police (look) into the matter now.56. People (like) stability in life.57. They (open) a new McDonald's tomorrow.58. The English (believe) that their home (be) their castle.
Раскрыть скобки либо в презент континиус, либо паст симпл

помогите пожалуйста перевести несколько предложений Be careful choosing the place where you do your programme. The university you apply to, l

ater may not recognize it. Make up your mind about which university you want to go to first, and then ask them what foundation programmes they want.

Choose your university first.In our university we have our own foundation course called a Bridging Year.Students doing the Bridging Year are full members of the university ,which is cool.Living on campus,you can use the same academic,social and sports facilities as other students

I did the programme called CFP in London.It allowed me to choose between a lot of universities.Check their FAQs.Its pricey,though.Itcosts you about 7,500 just in tuition fees.
In my time foreign students,studying in the UK,were allowed to work up to 20 hours a week.Check it out!You can use opportunity to earn a bit of extra cash
They all cost about the same.Try to save on accommoditation,You can rent a small flat with other students.
Dancerboy has no idea! You can take an intensive course in English,but that will be a separate programme.You will have to take Maths,Physics,History,Law,Psychology,etc all in English,so your English has to be good

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