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What...................she look like?

5-9 класс

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what does she look like?


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Task 1. Fill in the blanks with the following words. Use only one word in each space (12 points).
participants, competition, news, chance, won, tour, wood, chance in a million, lucky, luck, prize, world
Mr. Green: Hello!
Jack: Good evening. This is Jack. Can I speak to Bob, please?
Mr. Green: Hang on a moment, Jack. I’ll get him.
Bob: Hi, Jack! What’s up?
Jack: Hi, Bob! Good 1) … . Did you answer the questions for the World Teenagers’ 2) …?
Bob: Yes, I did. And you helped me. We both tried our 3) … .
Jack: We have 4)… it! We are 5)…!
Bob: That’s great! It was a 6) … . There were many 7) … . But we were in 8) ... and we won a 9) … .
Jack: So get ready for the 10) … round the 11) … .
Bob: Touch 12) … .
Jack: OK. Bye!
Task 2. The word in capitals in the right column can be used to form a word that fits suitably in the blank space of the following sentences. Fill each blank in this way (5 points).
Mark Twain was a … writer.
He wrote many … stories.
His books read in … .
Tom was a very … boy.
He was very … .
Task 3. Choose the correct answer (5 points).
They didn’t understand (each other/ one another).
Did you enjoy (to travel/travel/ travelling)?
Would you mind (closing/ to close/ close) the window?
Can I (speak/ speaking/ to speak) to Paul?
Classmates helped (each other/ one another) in that difficult situation.
Answer any three questions from the advertisement (3 points).
Can you describe yourself in five words?
What would you most like to change in yourself?
What’s you motto?
How do you see yourself in 10 years time?
How do you see our planet in 10 years?
Act out with your partner (5 points).
Pupil 1: You call your friend and you would like to invite him/ her to the cinema. But your friend is not at home. Ask his/ her sister/ brother to take a message for your friend.
Pupil 2: Your brother / sister is not at home. But his/ her friend phones him/ her. Take a phone message for your brother/ sister from his/ her friend.

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Ask your parether: who her best friendis; what she looks like; what she likes in her friend what they are both interested


if they quarrei sometimes;

what they do together;

how much time they spend together;

when they met last.

Помогите сочинить рассказы на эти 5 тем по английски пожалуйста. 1.Sports . do any sport and what sport . what sport you like watching . people

should do sport or not and why

2.Tv . why it's important in modern society . your favourite programme. you prefer watching tv or reading book and why

3.Place you live. what kind of a place and what it looks like. what it's famous for. places of interest and activities

4.My favourite school subjects. which school subjects you like most, why . what you do during the lessons. it's doing to be useful for your life or career, why

5.Summer jobs for teenagers. why teenagers do summer jobs. you, your friends or relatives do summer job and what. you'd like to do summer job, why

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I'm pretty hungry. Let's have some lunch in this cafe. Do you like pizza and spaghetti?
I've never seen your cousin. What she looks like?
I'm sorry. I took your handbag instead of mine . They are very much alike?
I'm going to the disco.You can join me if you feel like dancing ?
I enjoy my job as a postman.I walking and being in the open air?

What does she look like? How big is she? How old is she? What colour is her hair? Is her hair long? Does she wear high heels (высоке каблуки)? Does she

have any children? Is there a Mr Who is Mrs Piggle-Wiggle?Piggle-Wiggle? Mr Piggle-Wiggle has brown eyes and brown hair which is very long. Her clothes are all brown and never look pressed (выглаженный). She wears hats.She wears very high heels all the time. Mrs Piggle-Wiggle has no family at all. She says that her husband (муж), Mr Piggle-Wiggle , was a pirate and after he had buried (закопал) all of his treasure (сокровища) in the backyard , he died (умер). She just has herself and Wag , her dog and Lightfoot , her cat.

Nobody knows how old Mrs Piggle-Wiggle is. She says she doesn't know herself.

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put the verbs in brackets in the past simple or past continuous. 1)A: What 1……………..(happen)to you? B: I 2……….(have)an accident while I

3…….(drive)to work

A: 4……..(you/go)to the hospital?

B: Yes, I did.

2) A: What 1……….(Claire/do)

When you 2……(phone)her?

B: She 3……(listen)to music.

A: 4……….(she/turn)the radio off?

B: No, she didn’t. she 5………(want)to listen to the music programme.

3) A: I……..(read)a book last night when I 2………..(hear) mu sister shouting.

B: What 3…….(happen)/

A: She 4……..(do) the washing up when a plate 5………(dreak)and she 6……….(cut) her finger.

4) A: We 1………(stand) by the door when the children 2……….(walk) in.

B: 3……..(you/see) what they looked like?

A: no. they 4…… (wear) scary costumes.

5) A: what 1…….(you/do) when he 2……..(faint)?

B: I 3……….(call) an ambulance

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