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Дан текст.
THE SUMMER GARDEN _____(locate) opposite the Peter and Paul The Summer Garden Fortress across the Neva. As Peter the Great liked this place, a special summer_____(construct) for his family there. Near the palace palace vegetables and herbs _____(grow) by his wife, Catherine I, and trees_____(plant) by Peter himself. ______(turn) into a regular park with straight Later the garden alleys. In summer time a lot of social events and celebrations(hold) there: marble statues______(bring) from Italy and amazing_____(install) to amuse the public. The water for the fountains______(pump) from the nearest river which fountains_____(name) the Fontanka. At the end of the 18th century the Summer Garden______(separate) from the embankment by beautiful cast-iron railings which now______(know) as one of the symbols of the city. At the turn of the 21th century the______(restore) according to the original design. Today, all its Garden wonders are open to the public again.

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1. Was the Garden laid out near the fortress?
2. Was the Summer Palace constructed for Peter I alone?
3. Who were the trees planted by?
4. How was the Garden decorated?
5. Why was the river given the name Fontanka?
6. What is chosen as a symbol of the city?

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1. Opposite the Peter and Paul Fortress across the Neva.
2. From Italy.
3. Social events and celebrations.
4. To amuse the public.
5. From the nearest river.
6. By beautiful cast-iron railings.
7. At the turn of the 21th century

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is located, was constructed, were grown, were planted, was turned into, were held, were brought, were installed, was pumpe, named, was separated, are known, was restored

1. Yes, opposite the fortress.
2. No, for the family.
3. by Peter
4. with mable statues and amazing fountains
5. because the water for the fountains was pumped from it
6. Cast-iron railings

1. Where was the Garden laid out?
2. Where were the statues brought from?
3. What was held there in summer?
4. Why were the fountains installed?
5. Where was water pumped from?
6. What was the Garden separated by?
7. When was the Garden restored?


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