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Помогите пожалуйста составить мини текст про олимпийские игры в канаде. .. Пожалуйста срочно нужно. ..

5-9 класс

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Montreal Olympics is the most expensive in history . It cost $ 5 billion , equivalent to 20 billion in 2006. City paying for the Olympic debts until 2006 .
African countries boycotted the Olympics in protest against the recent match of the South African rugby team in New Zealand.
Olympics opened Queen Elizabeth II as head of Canada , and the entire royal family was present at the opening ceremony .
Canada has not won a single gold medal at this Olympics (5 silver and 6 bronze ) .It was the first and only time that the tournament hosts have not received major awards .
In Montreal, there are many technical innovations . For example, in the main arena put two giant TV screen 20x10 m for slow motion performances of athletes. Swimming pool built a special design that allows " extinguish" the wave. Finally, use a completely unexpected way to transport the Olympic flame .The Olympic flame was brought into the stadium by satellite .Olympic Stadium Tower is the highest building in the world inclined .
At the Montreal Games were a lot of achievements. In the triple jump athlete defeated Victor Saneev . First in the history of the Olympics athlete third consecutive time won gold medals in this competition. For the year to Montreal few could have imagined like. In the autumn of 1975 in the Mexican capital was an event which made ​​everyone think that the star Victor has waned . After all, did not anyone famous Brazilian Joao Carlos de Oliveira made ​​a second after Bob Beamon "leap into the XXI Century" - 17 m 89 cm , improved the world record once Saneeva 45 cm
It is rare that all three podium athletes took a single country. It is this collective " climbing " made ​​Soviet hammer throwers : Yuri Sedykh , Alexey Spiridonov and Anatoly Bondarchuk , the champion of the Munich Olympic Games.


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Переведите пожалуйста на русский :

Try to use all of these question worlds and phrases.

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Привет всем, мне ОЧЕНЬ нужна помощь! Если у кого учебник 7 класс английский (Афанасьева, Михеева), помогите номер 20, урок 8! Тема олимпийские игры!

Просшу, очень)))))))))))))))))))) Номер 20, про Олимпийские игры. Фото во вложениях!!!!!! Пожалуйста

Здравствуйте!Молю о помощи по англ.яз.!!!Помогите мне составить два текста на темы:1.жизнь в городе(должны быть слова в тексте:sea,museum,stadium,what

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Помогите, пожалуйста. Очень срочно, очень надо.

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David Beckham , who was born on 2 may 1975, in London, England, ..........(dream) of becoming a footballer from an early age. His career ........(begin) at the Bobby Charlton Soccer School in 1986, when he was 12, he .......(go) to train with Manchester United and ....(sign) with them at the age of 16. In July 2003, he ....(leave) Manchester to play with Real Madrid and ....(enjoy) playing with some of the biggest names in football. Since 2007, he ...(be) with the LA Galaxy team and hopes to make the game as popular there as it is in Europe. His skiful free kicks and wacky haircauts .....(make) him the most popular and recognised footballer in the world.
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Заранее огромное спасибо.

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