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Write a simple questions for the answers.

5-9 класс

1) we went to San Francisco
2) yes, we caught the plane
3) we went with our pants
4)We stayed at a hotel in the centre of San Francisco
5) yes,we had to good time
6)no, we didn't buy any souvenirs.
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1) Where did you spent holidays?


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В Write the questions for the answers.

1. ...when she heard a strange noise?
2. ...when she heard it again?
3. What...?
4. ... when she looked into the room?
5. ... when Mrs Larkin saw him?
6. .. . when the robber ran out of the house?
a) Mrs Larkin was making tea.
b) Mrs Larkin was in the garden.
c) The name of her neighbours is the MacWizards.
d) She saw the robber,
е) The robber was looking for something,
f) She was standing next to The window.

Write questions for the sentences. 1 Mr Wooding will phone MrWrite questions for the sentences.

1 Mr Wooding will phone Mr Golovin tomorrow (When...)
2 A group of 20 Russian students can come to London. (How many...)
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put the questions to the underlined words. 1.he has got ____a pet_. 2.she always _invites_ me to her dinner parties. 3.we'll go

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4.the student made _a lot of_ mistakes in his test.

5.dog is _my_ fagourite pet.

6._the british people___ keep their pets at home.

Ecsercise №2.

Write questions to the answers.

1. ..................

yes, i have. it's a dog.


i keep him at home.

3. ............

yes, he is funny.

4. ............

no, he can't.

5. ............

yes,they smell sweet.

6. ...............

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Write questions for the sentences.

Mr golovin got an invitation letter yesterday.(what?)

Mr Wooding will phone M r Golovin tomorrow (When?)

A group of 20 russian students can come to london(How many?)

Barbara Grey is responsible for the social programme (Why?)

Mr Golovin thanred his English colleague for the invitation (Who?)


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