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Complete the sentences so that they are true abount you.

5-9 класс

Помогите пожалуйста кто силен в английском.
Пример: I have breakfast in the morning.

1) my dad ....................... now.
2) my brother always ............................ .
3)my parents ................................... at the moment.
4) my friend ............................... every day.

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My dad is having breakfast now. My brother always has breakfast. My parents are having breakfast at the moment. My friend has breakfast every day. ВСЁ)

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09 окт. 2016 г., 6:29:33 (4 года назад)

My dad is having breakfast now. My brother always has breakfast. My parents are having breakfast at the moment. My friend has breakfast every day. Это так правильно


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Помагите пожалуйста:Поставить глаголы в скобках в Present Continuous.

1. I (to have) dinner at home now.
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Что бы ты рассказал своему английскому другу по переписке о типичной русской еде( повседневной и праздничной)? Придумайте рассказ. Не менее 10

предложений. Можете написать на русском я потом сама переведу:) Помогите, завтра сдать уже нужно. Спасибо тому кто возьмется!
Надо начинать так:

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Put the verbs in brackets into the present simple or the present continuous.
1 A. ................ (Ann/talk) on the phone?
B. No, she ..........(do) her homerwork right now.
2 A. Now often........... (you/go) swimming?
B. Tree times a week.
3 A. Bob and Sophie............(study) hard these days.
B. Yes, I know. They..............(want) to pass their exams.
4 A. I am so happy Jim! My parents and I.............(go) on holiday next week.
B That's great! Where............(you/go)?
5 A. How long.............(it/take) to travel to London by plane?

Complete the sentences so that they are true about you.
Пример: I have breakfast in the morning.
1. Me dad.................now.
2. My brother always ...................
3. My parents..................at the moment.
4 My friend .................every day.

Вопрос №23 Change the words so that they suit the sentences: When he was in charge he was never … (boss). Вопрос №24 Change the words so that they suit

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помогите пожалуйста)) 1 задания) Complete the sentences with this , these , it , or they) a) "Are_____keys Tom's?" "No,_____aren't" b) How much

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I. Choose the right word to complete the sentences.1. Excuse me, could you (do/make) me a favor and watch my bags for a moment? 2. Have you(done/made) any

progress on that report yet? 3. We need to buy (fruit/fruits) and vegetables.4. I have just bought a good (dictionary/vocabulary). I’m sure it will be helpful. 5. What is the(last/latest) news? 6. Do you know that our neighbour’s (older/elder) daughter is a ballet dancer?7. Have you got any (farther/further) questions? 8. The (next/nearest) train to London is at 10.00. 9. Thecontents of this story (is/are) very unusual. 10. You can get (any/either) book you like in our library.II. Complete the sentences giving English equivalents.1. The ship (экипаж) were all saved when the ship went down under the water.2. John’s sister (оказалась) to be a very rude girl.3. Let’s (отправимся) on a trip before it gets dark.4. I forgot to turn off the tap and the water (перелилась) the sink.5. My dog and my cat (ладят) with each other.6. My father was so tired out yesterday. He (заснул) as soon as his head touched the pillow.7. Be careful! It is (темнеет) outside. Hurry back home!8. Let me (представить) my wife to you.9. Daniel (произвел хорошее впечатление) and the manager gave him a good job.10.Six public holidays (празднуются) in Great Britain.11.A new library (построят) next year.12.(К сожалению) they were late and missed the beginning of the performance.III. Put in the articles where necessary:1. After school they had … lunch. 2. It was … warm Friday afternoon at … end of the month.3. … morning we met was surprisingly bright. 4. People go to … church to say their prayers (молиться).5. The lawyer went to … hospital to make a will (завещание) for Mike. 6. It was … late autumn. 7. If youwant to see … Lake Victoria and … Mount Kilimanjaro go to … Kenya.IV. Open the brackets to make the story complete:Harry’s Adventure.Harry got a letter from his friend Jack. Jack (have)0 was having a week’s holiday in a camp. He invitedHarry to join him if he (be)1free at the weekend. Harry (catch)2the five o’clock train. But he (leave)3 all histhings behind. He (think)4 he (borrow)5 what he needed from Jack. On the train Harry (run)6into* astrange man. He remembered that he (see)7the man’s face on television as the police (look)8for him.Harry (keep)9 watching the man during the trip. When the train (stop)10 at the station, Jack (wait)11for hisfriend Harry. Harry called the policeman and they (catch)12the man. He (send)13to prison. Harry (feel)14very proud about his adventure.*to run into smb - столкнуться, случайно встретиться с к.-л

Пожалуйста помогите :)

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