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10-11 класс

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переведите текст пожалуйста.About 25% of the world's population speak English.

Doctors and scientists try to answer the same questions all over the world.they find it easy to exchange their ideas in English.
English has become a means of communication within some countries where different groups of people speak different languages.for example,in lndia there. are 15 official languages and thousands of dialectx .people from different parts of the country often do not speak each other's language.English is the only solution to their commnication problems.
english is called the language of the sky and the sea.every pilot and ship's. captain must speak English to commnicate with each other.
Most vocabulary in the modern computer science is in English.80% of all information in the world's computers is in English.
English is the language of politicians .English along with french and German is spoken at their summit meetings.Most international journalists have to know English,too.
75% of all interhational business letters are written in English .Nearly 50% of the companies communicate with each other in English.
English is the language of rock and pop music .Most of world known singers sind their songs in English.
US and British companies produce thousands of films,videos and TV programmes every year.They are shown all over the world with subtitles and dubbind.

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Put the verbs in brackets into "Present Simple" or
"Present Continuous"

They usually 2) .......... (stay) in England but at the moment they
3)............... (travel) by plane. They 4)............. (go) to America!
Tonia 5)............ (be) very excited. She 6).......... (look) out of the
window and she 7)............. (laugh). Her brother 8).......... (play) a game.
He 9)............ (like) aeroplanes. He 10)........... (want) to be a pilot
when he grows up

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помогите с переводом пожалуйста!

PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL CHANGESTransformations are of two kinds, known as physical and chemical changes.Physical changes are those which effect the state or condition of matter withoutchanging its composition. There is no change in the composition of a substancewhen it is transformed from the liquid to the gaseous state by heating, or from theliquid to the solid state by cooling, and vice versa. Thus, in all three states, stream,water, and ice are all the same substance, made up of the simpler substances,hydrogen and oxygen. The state, but not the composition is effected by the process ofheating or cooling.By changes in the conditions of a substance are meant changes such as when asolid mass is made to fine powder, salt or sugar are dissolved in water. It is clear thatsuch transformations like the changes from one state of matter to another, do notaffect the composition of the material. The fine power of a substance may be madesolid again, and we get back the sail or sugar unchanged by evaporating the water.Chemical changes, however, are those matter changes in which changes ofcomposition does take place and the new substance formed will not return to itsoriginal state, unless it is subjected to another chemical change. Thus iron, when it iseffected by moist a ir, is slowly transformed into iron rust entirely different in itsproperties from the original iron. The new substances will not become iron againwhen it is allowed to stand, although the iron can be obtained from it if it issubjected to the proper conditions

помогите с переводом,пожалуйста. только,чтоб литературный был. через переводчик не надо!

Considerable attention in the Soviet space programme is paid to
researches aimed at solving problems for national science and
economy. A great deal of scientific- technical and medical-
biological experiments have been carried out. Numerous data
concerning the earth' s national resources, the atmosphere and
seasonal changes are gathered. Biological experiments with the aim
of developing the technology of growing plants in space conditions
are continued. These experiments and data are of great practical

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In England about 93 per cent of children attend state schools. The other 7 per cent attend private schools. A minority of these private schools are boarding schools where children live as well as study. Private schools are very expensive.
In Britain it is compulsory between the ages of 5 and 16 years to receive some officially recognized form of schooling. For younger children, there are a few state kindergartens, some private kindergartens and a few „ nursery classes "in ordinary schools. They are optional. Primary school consists of a reception class, infant school and junior school. A reception class and infant school take a year. In junior school, pupils spend 5 years. At the age of five they go to infant schools where they learn first steps in reading, writing and using numbers.
When children leave infant school, at the age of seven, they go to junior schools until they are about eleven years of age. Their school subjects include English, arithmetic, history, geography, na-ture study, swimming, music, art and organized games.
At about 11 or 12 children move to a new school, ussualy a "comprehensive" that accepts all the children from theree or four neighbouring junior schools. Changigng to the "big" school is a great moment in life for them. At secondary school pupils study for 5 years. Comprehensive schools want to develop the talents of each individual child. So they offer a wide choice of subjects, from art and craft, woodwork and domestic science to modern languages, computer studies. There are no entrance examinations, all pupils move automatically to the next form at the end of the year.
There are some grammar schools in which children have to pass a selection test to get in. The grammar school is a secondary school taking about 3 per cent of children pffering a full theoretical secondary education and students can choose which subjects and languages they wish to study. Pupils leave school at 16 and there are several opportunities to continue their studies elsewhere.

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