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Помогите выполнить задание Here are John's answers. What are the questions? 1. What School do you study in? I study in

5-9 класс

secondary school.

2. ...?

I wear blue uniform at school.

3. ...?

We have six terms in a school year.

4. ...?

I have five lessons a day.

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2) What colour uniform do you wear at your school?
3) How many terms do you have in a school year?
4) How many lessons do you have a day?

Воть:) ничего сложного)))

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2. .


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Think about what the children can do.

Write down as many things as you can.
Use dictionary if you want. Start with:

Some children can...

Some children can play the piano.
Some can play table-tennis.


2.He/His is new in my class .

3. I / My am 10 years old .

4.How old are they / their .

5.They /their are friends

6.We / Our are pupils .

7.She / Her mum'is a teacher.

8.They / their houce is nice.

9.My bag is green.


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A It’s a great buzz; I like knowing stuff and then being able to pass it on to the audience. I really enjoyed that on radio and at Newsround I really like mak­ing stuff enjoyable and understandable for kids.

В I only liked English and Art, that was it. I hated everything else — I really did. History, Geography, sciences — I hated them all. But I loved English.

С I did hospital radio and I spent a lot of time going to see bands. I was heav­ily into music.

D I was trying to get into radio so I didn’t write a lot. I got my experience in hospital radio and then got work experience at the local BBC station and the local commercial station. That’s where I started writing for news bulletins.

E When I was about ten, I’m not sure why but mainly I was really into radio and loved listening to it. I wanted to be one of the news broadcasters and I found out that to get into radio news you had to be a journalist. My dad want­ed me to be a lawyer.

F I worked as a broadcast journalist on Red Rose Radio in Lancashire. I was doing some journalist work during the course. The editor I worked for told me that the editor of Red Rose was looking for a journalist, so it was an exam­ple of how important networking is.

G I have been a researcher on the Guinness Book of Records and I also worked at BBC local radio stations and commercial stations. I worked as a correspon­dent for a news service that puts bulletins on mobile phones. Now I work for the Newsround website.

H The worst bit about this work is the hours. It is shift work (работа no сменам): and I don’t think it will ever change.

I You have to be very keen and very confident because of all the competition. Get as much experience as you can by working in the areas that you are in­terested in. If you are not going to go to college then you have to get a lot of experience. It’s harder to work your way up but I know a lot of people who have done it. It’s another route.

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помогите The Present Simple or Present Continuous? Choose the correct verb fort:1.What time are you usually getting up / do you usuallyget up in the

morning ?
2.David is going/ goes to school in London every day.
3. What is the weather like today in you county? It is raining/it rains
4.Are you living / Do you live in a big city? No,in a small village
5.Are you liking /do you like winter sports?

3. Вставьте артикль A(An) или The, если необходимо: What's your name? My name is___Alison.Where are you from? I am from

____ USA, ___ Wisconsin.Where do you live? We live in ____ eastern part of ____ Minnesota. Our grandparents live in ____ Hudson.What street do you live in? I live in ____ Green Street.What school do you study at? I study at ____Hudson Middle school.Have you got ___ pen-pal in ____ England?What nationalities are your parents? My mother is ____ English. My father is ____ Swiss.Where and when were you born? I was born in _____ Moscow in ___ 1984.What's your mom? My mom is ____ housewife.What's your dad? My dad is ____ driver.

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