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Match the two halves of the questions.Then answer them

5-9 класс

1.Do you expect
2.When you were a child,did you spend a lot of time
3.are you looking forward to
4.do you mind
5.do you promise

a-playing with cars and trains
b-not to tell anyone my secret
c-leaving school
d-to go to university
e-speaking in front of a lot of people

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c и d можно поменять местами, они в принципе одинаково обозначают. 


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1.Naughty kids use them to bribe Santa at the last minute and nice kids use them as a way of thanking him for all his hard work on Christmas Eve. What

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2.What is the name of the period leading up to Christmas?

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ПОМОГИТЕ ПОЖАЛУЙСТА ВСТАВИТЬ СЛОВА: quicky, badly, slowly, fast, carefully, well, loudly, quietly, sadly, happily, lazily, gracefully. В предложения:

1) How\ do jigsaw puzzles? 2) How\ play football\ basketball\ table tennis? 3) How\ ride a bike? 4) How\ shout when you win a match? 5) How\ do things on holiday? 6) How\ smile on the first day at school?

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Match the two parts of the sentences.

1. When the young travellers rode the London Eye,
2. In the unusual museum,
3. On Wednesday,
4. In a park in the centre of London,
5. In the northern part of Great Britain,

a) they learnt about the first English voyage round the world.
b) they had a sports event.
c) they enjoyed watching different animals, and birds.
d) they will enjoy the beauty of nature.
e) they had a fantastic view over the city.

Match the two parts of these proverbs with make and do.Explain how you understand them.

1.Make hay...
2.Two wrongs don't...
3.One swallow doesn't...
4.Well begun...
5.Do to others...

a)make summer
b)is half done
c)while the sun shines
d)as you would like them to do to you
e)make right

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Use the worlds to write questions,then answer with just.

a.you/tidy your room? A.Have you tidied your room?
B.Yes,I have just tidied it.
b.Ann/speak to the teacher? A.______________________?
B.Yes,__________________to him.
c.Bob/have a cup of tes? A.______________________________?
d.You/do your homework? A._____________________________?
e.you/meet Angela? A.___________________________________?
f.Mary/send a telegram. A.________________________________?
g.Diana/visit her cousin in the USA? A._________________________?
Люди очень нужно!Помогите...Или скиньте сайт с этим ответом...
Это WorkBook (5 класс;Молдова;Игнатюк,Аладин,Фока,Пую,Мунтеану)

Complete the questions and answer them.

Example:Mr Wooding is the Head Teacher of a London school,...-Mr Wooding is the Head Teacher of a London school,isn,t he? Yes,he is
1.Barbara Grey works in East Square London School,...?
2.Mr.Wooding invited a group of Russian students to London,...?
3.A group of up to 22 people can go to London,...?
4.The Russian students will stay with English families,...?
5.The Russian students won,t be responsible for the social programme,...?

ПЕРЕВЕСТИ!!!!! the united kingdom of great britain and northern ireland.

the State Emblems of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland shows the Union of its four parts: England Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland. the emblem was introduced after the union with Scotland in 1603. the shield of the emblem is divided into four parts. there are emblems of England ( three lions on a red background) emblem of Scotland ( a red lion on a yellow harp on a blue background). the two emblems of English lions symbolise the leading role if England in this union. the shield is supported by ywo mythic animals : the english loin and the scottish unicorn. the emblem is headed with a crowned lion the symbol of power and might. below the emblem there are floral symbols of the four parts of the country

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