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10-11 класс

1) I study English because it is included in the school curriculum.
2) I listen to songs in English and to translate words into Russian use knowledge of the language.
3) Another English helps to understand the foreign tourists.
4) I can read the labels on the clothes in English.
5) Learning the language is interesting, you can to meet new people.
6) I know that my English is necessary for the future of the profession. 7) Knowledge of the language will become a good specialist.

Dashadashadsasha 10 окт. 2016 г., 13:26:22 (4 года назад)
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10 окт. 2016 г., 14:00:54 (4 года назад)

2) I listen to songs in English and translate words into Russian using my knowledge of Engish language.
3) Besides, English helps me (to) understand foreign tourists.
4) I can read labels on clothes in English.
5) Learning language is interesting, you can meet new people.
6) I know that English is necessary for my future profession.
7) Knowledge of English will help me (to) become a good specialist.

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10 окт. 2016 г., 14:42:18 (4 года назад)

2)to translate без to 3)кажется после helps to не нужно, но не уверена 5)после can to не употребляется. А что значит another english, что то мне тут не совсем понятно и в 7 предложении что то непонятное переводится.

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10 окт. 2016 г., 15:51:45 (4 года назад)



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Complete the sentences.

Example: If Mike ... (do) his best at school, his parents would be happy with his marks. - If Mike did his best at school, his parents would be happy with his marks.
1. If it (be) too cold, I would put on my coat.
2. If you really loved music, you (go) to the Philarmonic much more often.
3.If he (not read) so mush, he would not be so clever.
4. You (not understand) the rule if you (not listen) to the teacher.
5. If you (give) me your dictionary for a couple of days, I (translate) this text.

Transform the following sentences changing verbs from Active into Passive Voice.
Example: My elder brother repaired the bike. - The bike was repaired by my elder brother.
1. The boys will paint the roof of the house.
2. Bessy's father gave her a complete set of Walter Scott's works.
3. They water the flowers regularly.
4. The doctor ordered me a month's rest from studying.
5. Our mother tells us stories every evening.

Закончите предложения.

Используйте личные местоимения в соответствующем падеже.

1. I don't know those boys. Do you know
----- ?

2. I'm talking to you. Please listen to ----- .

3. He likes that ball. He wants to buy
----- .

4. Where are the tickets? I can't find ----- .

5. I don't like dogs. I'm afraid of -----

6. We want to see them but they don't want to see ----- .

7. Where is Ann? I want to talk to ----- .

8. We are going to the cinema. Do you want to come with ----- ?

Поставьте подлежащее следующих предложений во множественное число, не забывая делать соответствующие грамматические изменения:

1) This law protects employees.
2) That bank has many customers’ accounts.
3) This employee trades these goods.
4) The government supports its citizens.
5) That center needs many employees.

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Прошу,проверьте грамматическую правильность текста!

1.People says that money rules the world and without ut to be successul is impossible.
2.But I think is being rich is not only way to success.
3.We can see it on examples famous and successful persons.
4.Probably the secret of success is to own personal qualities.
5.Or resipe od success is to be focus on one goal.
6.For example,you can work a waiter and once you can win one mill dollars!
7.But tou dont became more succesful waiter,which whole world would be respect.
8.I think the main part of to be success are good luck,personal qualoties and hardwork
9.Of course with money help we can buy everything.
10.But we can't buy respect of other people,love and health

The week before Christmas she was walking on the street after shopping. She was giving back her dress because it had defects. An hour later she was got

back her dress. As I was getting into a taxi they stopped me and told me go to the magazine. Afterwards they was showing all.

Прошу проверить на наличие ишиб связанных с образованием времен.

Проверьте, прошу вас)) пожалуйста.

Мне нужно проверить этот текст. И на наличие ошибок и по смыслу вообще. Пожалуйста.
I'd like to show you this sample of school clothers. For teenagers of my age. You can see a dress. It's divided into white blouse and dark blue skirt above the knee. Also, there is a dark blue jacket with long sleeves. Supplement this dress blac high-heeled shoes with elegant strap. All look very simple, but at the same time beautiful. I think that these clothers are suitable for school uniform prorerly, because they are nice, elegant and wonderful, but I'm not sure that the shoes are comfortable so they can be replaced.
Пожалуйста, не говорите, что нужно исправить, а скиньте уже правильные текст, со всем исправленным и ещё одна просьба, если нужно будет какое-то слово заменить, пожалуйста, не заменяйте его на какое-то заумное) чем проще тем лучше))

ребятки, нужно, чтобы кто-нибудь проверил моё эссе! очень нужна хорошая оценка. прошу, кто что увидит, исправьте ошибки Т_Т в основном у меня бывает

много грамматических

тема эссе: some people say that men withstand age better then women and remain attractive longer.

собственно моё эссе: How attractive a person is goes beyond physical qualities. A lot of factors contribute to how attractive someone is: health, wealth, food, willpower, society, personality and so on. Some people assert, that men withstand age better and remain attractive longer. But is it right statement?

On the one hand women age faster, becouse today they spend more time at work, so they don't have enough time for themselves. Moreover, women more emotional, than man. It certainly makes them unattractive. Therefore,a lot of makeup have bad effect on appearance.

On the other hand, among men there are a lot of smokers and drinkers. As far as I know, bad habits affect on the health and appearance. Futhermore, women, when they are under stress, they ask for help friends or someone from family. This is better way of coping with stress. However, man keep everything in themselves. As a result, appears old, unhealthy appearance. Moreover, there genes played important role.

In my opinion, I agree with this statment. Really, women more emotional and sensetive, then man. Usually man have more willpower and stamina in our crazy world. It help them withstand age better and remain attracrive longer. So, talking all these factors into account, my conclusion is that women get old really quickly, than man. But women live longer.

Друзья, помогите с заданием по английскому. Переведите текст. Переводчиком типа гугл прошу не пользоваться.

У меня есть много друзей.И я очень рад этому. Часто мы собираемся большой компанией и идем гулять в парк. Катаемся на велосипедах, играем в футбол, и просто хорошо проводим время.Когда я рядом с ними, время пролетает очень быстро. Иногда мы ходим в кино, обычно мы смотрим комедии или фильмы ужасов.Вечером, мы любим гулять по городу, обсуждать фильмы и рассказывать разные истории. Недвано, трое моих друзей, уехали учиться в другой город. Каждый день мы пишем друг другу сообщения в интернете. разговариваем в скайпе. Я очень скучаю по ним. И всегда рад видеть своих друзей.

Очень прошу помогите!!!!

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