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5-9 класс

Complete the answers with there, it or they
1.Was there a factory?Yes,there was
2.Was is very noisy?Yes, ......
3.Were there any animals?Yes,....
4.Were they near the houses?Yes,.....
5.Were the Romans English?No,.....
6.Was the castle in the forest?No,.....

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2)Yes, It was
3) Yes, there were
4)Yes, they were
5)No, they weren't
6)No, It wasn't


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Спишите, заменяя существительные в косвенных падежах именами прилагательными.

из дерева, машина для стирки, стол для работы, программа на год, забота
матери, морозы в январе, ветер в степи, дом в два этажа, порт около
реки, воздух в горах, житель Москвы, площадь в городе.

Are you english? they asked

where are you going? i asked here
i havent got any money? i told him
can you speak more slowlynick asked here

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Hello Pam!
Soon the school will be over
l have learnt a lot of things
l have done a lot of listening and talking reading and writing at my English lessons at school
we have learnt grammar rules and a lot of new English words
l had some problem with spelling but l did all my best to spell better
l think writing letters to you has been a good practice in spelling too
but my favorite activity is acting out the dialogues and role-playing
l enjoy putting the plays on too

Помогите перевести текс на русский только не через переводчик я отмечу как нарушение переводите сами My favorite book. Books play a very

important part in our life . Here is practically that does not have books. We can learn many things from books. They help us in self-education and in problems of live. For many, many years the number of books in the world was very small. Only a few people had copies of books to read and study. Most people could not ever read. Today, there are many thousands of public libraries in our country and everyone has the right to use them. There are books and writes that everybody knows. < Mary Poppins > by Pamela Travers ,< Winnie-the-Pooh > by Alan Milne, and of course < The adventures of Tom Sawyer > by Mark Twain . My favorite book is < Tom Sawyer > . Tom Sawyer wes a boy with wild imagination. He and his friends liked to play games. Tom was sometimes naughty and never quiet, but he was often noble and ha was always full of bright ideas. Books are our great friends and teachers.

Ответьте на вопрос( только нужно 10-20 предложений)

Say who can turn to for help or practical advice when you can't cope with your work.

Переведите!!! Срочноо!!!

I am sure, in order to have a good job one should know foreign languages. The most widespread languages in the world are Chinese, Spanish, English and some others. But every well-educated person in the world speaks English, because it is the language of communication, business, science and culture.

English is now the most important and widespread language in the world. It is the state language in five countries: Great Britain, Canada, the USA, Australia and New Zealand.

English is one of the six official and working languages of the United Nations. It is the second working language in the European Community. In many Asian and African countries, such as India or Egypt, in former British colonies people speak English besides their native one. People also speak English in Europe. English is spoken practically all over the world.

Russia has relations with many countries. More and more direct contacts are established with the countries of Europe, with the United States, Great Britain, Canada and other English-speaking countries.

Taking into account the economic development in our country, hundreds of joint ventures have appeared in every city and town of Russia recently. Besides, a lot of foreign delegations come to our country. Our businessmen, tourists, experts often go abroad. As I have already mentioned just English is the language of the international communication. That is why it is very important to learn English.

Nowadays, a lot of people study foreign languages in every possible way. Foreign-language study groups are organized at industrial enterprises, at the offices of big firms, at the educational establishments, at research institutes.

I think English is worth studying. There is a proverb "A new language — a new world".

There are some schools specialized in studying foreign languages in Russia. Their pupils have lessons in foreign language every day. But their number is rather small. Most schools have Foreign Language only once or twice a week. It's impossible to master any foreign language under such conditions. That's why those who want to improve their knowledge have to take private lessons.

Put the scrambled paragraphs in the right order. 1) Shannon concentrated and did her best. She worked hard, and her teammates

appreciated her for it. She always had a positive attitude and encouraged her teammates to work harder and do their best. But that day, Shannon twisted her ankle and fell down. She cried out in pain, which was unusual for Shannon. She rarely cried. Everyone rushed over to see if she was okay.2) So, the whole team climbed aboard the school bus and the coach took them all out for ice cream. As she licked her mint chocolate chip ice cream cone, Shannon said, "Today, I love basketball practice more than ever!"3) Coach always started practice the same way. They ran ten laps around the gym and then stretched out. They then practiced shots. (Shannon usually sank most of hers!) Then the coach introduced new drills. Then they practiced the plays they used in games.4) One of her teammates ran to get ice for her ankle. (Ice helps with the swelling.) The others helped her off the court and she sat down to rest. The coach asked Shannon if she was okay. She said, "I am fine. Ankles heal." The coach shook her head. "Shannon," she said, "As usual, I am impressed with your attitude and team spirit. In honor of Shannon, we should all go get ice cream!”5) Shannon loved basketball. She loved everything about basketball. Shannon always looked forward to basketball practice. She enjoyed the workout. She enjoyed the competition. She enjoyed the time with her teammates.

The parts of the following text are all mixed up.
Put them in the right order.

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