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напешите мне одно придложение в past simple

5-9 класс

Ayzanat 25 апр. 2015 г., 10:20:36 (5 лет назад)
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25 апр. 2015 г., 12:29:11 (5 лет назад)

I saw Jeremy in the bank.


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Спишите, заменяя существительные в косвенных падежах именами прилагательными.

из дерева, машина для стирки, стол для работы, программа на год, забота
матери, морозы в январе, ветер в степи, дом в два этажа, порт около
реки, воздух в горах, житель Москвы, площадь в городе.

Are you english? they asked

where are you going? i asked here
i havent got any money? i told him
can you speak more slowlynick asked here

A lot of girls here are part of the theatre "Grace". It is the girl's favourite school club. They come here after classes to learn about designing clothes

and dressmaking. They start with the design and end with a fashion show of the finished dresses. It's hard to believe that the masterpieces presented in the shows have been created by schoolgirls

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Помогите, пожалуйста!Поставьте предложения в past simple or present perfect. Помогите, пожалуйста!

Поставьте предложения в past simple or present perfect!
1. Mary …… (never/go) to Paris, so she’s very excited about her journey.
2. McDonalds ….. (open) a new restaurant near my house, but I (not/go) there yet.
3. My father ….. (give up) smoking two years ago and he (not/smoke) a cigarette since then.
4. She ….. (live) in Rome for ten years, but she ….. (not/return) there since she ….. (move) to Florence.
5. The postman ….. (just/deliver) the letters. Here you are, Sam!
6. I ….. (learn) to drive when I ….. (be) 20, but I ….. (never/enjoy) driving.
7. It ….. (rain) since this morning.
8. Mum ….. (buy) a new type of cheese. Do you want to taste it?
9. Luke ….. (not/ride) a motorbike since his accident.
10. I ….. (not/hear) much of Tom lately.
11. What time …. (you/go) to the gym yesterday? I ….. (not/see) you.

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Past Simple

1) First put the verbs into the interrogative form of past simple, then match the questions to the answers.

1. What time did you get up (you/get up) this morning?
2. When _______________ (she/move) to London?
3. Why ________________ (he/go) to Paris?
4. Where _______________ (he/see) the film?
5. Whose car ______________ (she/drive) this morning?
6. Who _________________ (they/invite) to dinner?
7. What _________________ (you/have) for lunch?

a. Four years ago _____
b. At the cinema _____
c. Pizza _____
d. At 8 o’clock __1__
e. Jean and Tom _____
f. For a holiday _____
g. Robert’s _____

1.Fill in the blanks wiyh a verb from the list below in the past simple LAUGH,DRINK,GO,DRIVE,EAT,SEE Last Saturday I ____ to the circus

with my family. We___ the animals performing tricks and we_____ at the clowns and their funny acts. We_____ popcorn and we_____Coke. When the show was over. we_____home. It was a wonderful day

2.Put the verbs in brackets into the present continuous or the past simple

Sandra__(wear) a bandage on her arm because last week she__(fall) off her bicycle and___(hurt) it. At the momen she ___(sit) at home watching TV. Yesterday. her friends__(visit) her at home. They _____(take) her some flowersand chocolates to cheer her up

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