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10-11 класс

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L. 1. I will have my school bag repaired.
2. My mother is having her car serviced.
3. My father is having his eyes tested.
4. I will get the grass cut.
5. I have got my trousers cleaned.
M.1. Popular newspapers are bought by lots of people in the UK.
2. Is the new TV reality show being presented by Sue Green?
3. The driver has been arrested by the police.
4. The celebrities' photographs aren't going to be published by the Mirror.
5. Newspapers and magazines can be bought by you on the train.
N. 1. He said he was making some bread.
2. She said she would work in a reastaurant when she left school.
3. My friend asked me if I had done something so stupid before.
4. He asked them how old they were.
5. The teacher asked us where we were going.
O. 1. were
2. didn't speak
3. have eaten
4. I studied it
5. could


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ПОМОГИТЕЕ ПОЖАЛЯЯЯ, ООЧЕНЬ НАДОО поставьте глаголы в нужную форму.

Sam's mother did not let sam come late to dinner. He was 1.(not allow) 2.(speak) during his meal. Yesterday he 3.(be) late as usual. Everybody 4.(enjoy) their meal for some time when sam 5.(run) into the dining room. He 6.(breathe) heavily and looked excited. He 7.(break) the rule of silence at dinner, but his mother said: you was 8.(not remember) the rule? All through the dinner she 9.(see) sam 10.(smile) to himself. It 11.(make) her curious. After the dinner 12.(finish) sam said that little Bess 13.(throw) an inkpot on the floor and then 14.(take) the mother's favourite blouse to wipe the ink spots. The mother 15.(punish) for her own strict rules.

1. Для каждого из следующих предложений, определить, является ли Simple Present tense или Present Continuous tense является более целесообразным, и

заполнить бланк с соответствующей формой глагола, данного в скобках. Пример: Right now, he ________ ridiculous. (to be) - Right now, he is being ridiculous.
1.) At the moment, I __________________ supper. (to cook)
2.) He ________________ the paper every weekday. (to read)
3.) We ________________ right now. (to study)
4.) She ________________ every day. (to study)
5.) Now it _______________. (to rain)
6.) They ______________ to Mexico every year. (to travel)
7.) Just now we ________________ the shopping. (to do)
8.) She always ________________ correctly.( to answer)
9.) You ________________ never late. (to be)
10.) Now I ________________ to the radio. (to listen)
11.) Each Sunday, we ________________ the flea market. (to visit)
12.) At present, I ________________ for work. (to look)
2. Используя Past Continuous tense, заполнить пробелы с правильной формы глаголов в скобках. Например:
____ you _______ last night? (to work) - Were you working last night?
1.) We _________________ for the test. (to prepare)
2.) ______ she ___________ notes? (to take)
3.) I ______ not ___________ long. (to wait)
4.) They __________________ at Woolco. (to shop)
5.) ______ it not ____________ outside? (to freeze)
6.) She _________________ on Almond Street last year. (to live)
7.) ______ you ____________ supper when the phone rang? (to eat)
8.) He ________________ asleep by the time the lesson ended. (to fall)
9.) ______ we not _____________ the next chapter? (to discuss)
10.) They ___________ their books away, when their friends arrived. (to put)
11.) You ______ not _____________ the news. (to follow)
12.) ______ I ____________ too much noise? (to make)

Вставьте нужную форму глагола to be

1.Mathematics…very difficult.
2. Our football team…winners.
3. There…many birds in the tree.
4. The dishes…on the table.
5. My teeth…white.
6. How many students … there in your group?
7. … my shirts washed yet?
8. Not many cities…as big as Moscow.
9. There…many problems in these exercises.
10. There…two libraries in our University.

Guests. should all be introduced, one to the other, and the clever host or hostess is 1_____one who only invited people who, as 2_____ as they can be

humanly certain, will mix together well and enjoy each other’s company.

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ПОМОГИТЕ ПОЖАЛУЙСТА СДЕЛАТЬ НА АНГЛИЙСКОМ ЯЗЫКЕ ЗАДАНИЕOpen the brackets.Put the verbs into the Future Indefinite.
1.I (not to go) to the Hermitage tomorrow.
2. Kate (to give) it to you this afternoon.
3.We (to have) orange juice.
4.He (not to phone) her tonight.
5. I (to help) you with it.
6. They (not to have) coffee.
7. It is hot here, I (to open) the window.
8. I (to get) a taxi.
9. It is cold here, I ( to close) the window.
10. I (not to tell ) anyone what happened.

Помогите, пожалуйста, восстановить идиому: "Неоперделенный артикль + синоним прилагательных "beautiful, cute" + кухонная утварь для чая +

предлог, означающий принадлежность + водное животное.
Получается, или a или an + wonderful, pretty + teapot + of + какое-то водное животное. Помогите пожалуйста!

Помогите пожалуйста перевести текст и как произносить его на русском языке.

Dear friends,
Welcome to Green School!
Let's read and write in English.

Let's run and jump in the forest!

go to school together!
Mr Greenwood and his pupils

Помогите пожалуйста дописать предложения в рассказе и перевести его.
1) He is an elephant.
2) His _____________ is Thomas.
3) He isn't angry.
4) He is _________________________.
5) He can _______________________________.
6) He can't ________________________________________.
7) We _____ to school together.

Помогите пожалуйста !!!Ответьте на

Помогите пожалуйста !!!
Ответьте на вопросы

Ребята помогите пожалуйста срочно

Ребята помогите пожалуйста срочно надо!!!
Write the following word combinations in the plural form using

possessive case(Напишите следующие комбинации слов во множественном

числе используя притяжательный падеж)
например:This boy/ bag- these

1)this engineer/work.......
2)my sister/clothes......
3)this woman/secret.....
4)that country economy.....

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