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Переведите, пожалуйста, этот текст на русский язык.

5-9 класс

The case of the ruined roses
"That was a dood programme on UFOs," said Nina her cousin Max as they walked down the street. "Its amazing! UFOs were reported as early as 1800."
"That pretty hard to belive," said Max. "Anyway, do you really belive there are such things?" Nina started to answer when they heard a loud scream coming from Coach Thornton house. "Come on," shouted Max and they ran there. The coach was standing in front of his house and looking at ten rose bushes pulled from the ground.
"Look at that!" he cried. "Just look at that."
"That terrible," cried Nina. "Do you know who ruined the roses?" football players for missing a class. They were pretty angry with me."
"First thing, let get these roses back in the ground," said Max.
"Then well find out who dad it."
Nina and Max helped Coach Thorton to replant the roses. Then he invited them in for milk and biscuits.
"Now," said Nina. "Am I right? You benched Sam Cartland, Mike Brooks and Alex Avery." "And you lost the game," added Max. "I know," said the coach. "But rules are rules. Do you think they ruined the roses?"
"Im sure one oh them did it," said Nina.
"Lets see," said Max after they left. "Coach said the roses were all right when he looked out at nine. But after ten, he found them pulled up."
"So, we have to check who doesn have an an alibi for between nine and ten. Look!" Nina pointed. "There Alex Avery over at the Dairy Bar."
"Hi, kids," said Alex as they came in. "Hello," said Max. "We didnt see you in the football game."
"I was benched but I guess the coach didnt have any choice."
"Can you tell us what you were doing between nine and ten this morning?" asked Nina.
"Ive ben here since nine." He tirned to the girl behind the bar counter. "Isnt that right, Amy?"
"Uh huh. You helped me to carry that heavy box."
"Have you been anywhere near Coach Thorntons house?" asked Max. Alex looked surprised. "No, I havent."

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Перевод задания:
Поставьте слова в правильном порядке.

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Определите, чем являются выделенные слова: причастием 2 или личной формой глагола. Переведите предложения на русский язык:

Cosmic rockets launched with first space velocity (7, 9 km. per sec.) become artificial satellites of the Earth.
He passed by without saying a word.
An ammeter is an instrument used to measure the current.
Определите время и залог сказуемого и переведите следующие предложения на русский язык:

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3. I am interested to see this apparatus in operation.
4. Michael Faraday, English experimental physicist, in his early life worked as a bookbinder’s apprentice (ученик переплетчика) earning his living.

ест по английскому языку. . . . I. Перепишите следующие предложения. Переведите их на русский язык. Определите по грамматическим

признакам, какой частью речи являются слова, оформленные окончанием -s и какую функцию это окончание выполняет, т. е. служит ли оно:
а) показателем 3-го лица единственного лица глагола в Present Indefinite;
b) признаком множественного числа имени существительного;
c) показателем притяжательного падежа имени существительного

1. My brother has many friends.
a) –s b) –s c) -s
2. This is my sister’s book.
a) –s b) –s c) -s

3. We often buy tomatoes and potatoes in the supermarket.
a) –s b) –s c) -s
4. Ann lives in Moscow.
a) –s b) –s c) -s
5. I am always in time for the lessons.
a) –s b) –s c) -s

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1. There are different types of rocket motors.
2. Where is the sports goods department? It’s on the fourth floor.
3. What is the room temperature?
4. This scientist got two State prizes.
5. There are some students on the sport ground.

Изучите тему: степени сравнения прилагательных и наречий.
III. Выполните тест. Письменно переведите предложения на русский язык.
1. She ___ than her sister.
a) tall b) taller c) more taller
2. You are even ___ than before.
a) more beautiful b) beautiful c) the most beautiful
3. I earn ___ than a postman.
a) little b) the least c) less
4. She is the ____ pupil in the school.
a) most intelligent b) more intelligent c) less intelligent
5. The ___ is the day, the ____ is the night.
a) taller … smaller b) shorter … longer c) more … worse

Изучите тему: неопределенные и отрицательные местоимения.
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1. He asked me ____ questions.
a) some b) any c) not any
2. I haven’t ___ money at all.
a) no b) some c) any
3. . Are the ____ pictures on the wall?
a) some b) any c) not any
4. There are ____ textbooks on the desk.
a) no b) no any c) any
5. You can buy stamps at ___ post office.
a) some b) no c) any

Изучите тему: времена группы Indefinite (Present Indefinite, Past Indefinite, Future Indefinite).
V. Выполните тест. Письменно переведите следующие предложения:
1. I ___ John and Mary last week.
a) see b) saw c) shall see
2. I ___ live far from the center of town.
a) aren’t b) don’t c) isn’t
3. My boss ____ away for the next three days.
a) are b) were c) will be
4. Do you think this style ____ me?
a) suits b) suit c) shall suit
5. Harry ___ ill last week but now he is better.
a) is b) was c) will be

4. Выберите требуемую по смыслу форму глагола и переведите предложения на русский язык: 1. If I have time I

(go, will go) to the Tretyakov Gallery.

2. If I were you I (will go, would go) to the Tretyakov Gallery tomorrow.

3. If he (studied, had studied) hard he would have entered Moscow University.

5. Переведите предложения на русский язык, обращая внимание н согласование времен:

1. She told me that she had many friends in Moscow.

2. The teacher asked the students who had been to the Tretyako Gallery.

3. He said that he would go to Lake Baikal the following week.

6. Переведите предложения на русский язык, обращая внимание на причастные обороты:

1. The Volga flowing into the Caspian Sea is the biggest river in Europe.

2. Russia is a land of a great number of rivers, some of them being among the longest in the world.

3. Numerous canals join all the rivers in the European part of Russia making it the largest water route in Europe.

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