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Вставь am, is, isn`t, are, aren`t, can, can`t, do, don`t, have got, haven`t got, has, hasn`t:

5-9 класс

1. this______my friend.
2. I________a puppet, but i______a toy soldier.
3. An elephant_____jump.
4.How old______Larry?
5. They____sad.
6. I like orange juice, but i____like milk.
7._______she got a sister? No, she _____.
8.I_____nine, and my sister______five.
9.Can he swim? Yes, he____.
10. My favourite food______pizza.
11. Where`s Lulu? She_____at the circus.
12. ______she sing? Yes, she can.
13. Is he happy? No, he _____.
14. I _____swim, but i can run.
15. Do you like English? Yes, i ______.
16. Are they at home? No, they ____.

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1 is
2 have got, haven't got
3 can
4 is
5 are
6 don't
7 Does, doesn't
8 am, is
9 can
10 is
11 is
13 isn't
14 can't
15 do
16 aren't

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1 is
2 have got, have not
3 can`t
4 is
5 are
6 don`t
7 Has, hasn`t
8 am, is
9 can
10 is
11 is
12 Can
13 is not
14 can
15 do
16 aren`t


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Раскройте скобки,в правильной форме. My father was a fine mechanic.He (love) engines.And certanly I,too,should ( Fall) in love with engines and

automobiles. (Not,forget) that even befor I could (walk)? the workshop (be) my plauroom. My father (put) me there so that he could (keep) an eye on me all day long.My toys were springs and pistons that (lie) around all over the place,and these,I can (promise) you, (be) far more fun (play) with than most of the plastic toys most children (give) nowadays.

When I (grow) older and (be) five years old,my father (talk) to me about school. He (lay) a hand on my sholder. "I (want) you (become) a great mechanic. You (learn) a lot already. But when you (grow) up,I (hope) you (become) a great engineer,a man who (make) better engines for automobiles and airplanes. For that you (need) a really good education".

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вставь am,is,isn't,are,aren't,can,can't,do,don't,have got,haven't got,has,hasn't.

1.This___my friend.
2.I___a puppet,but i_____a toy soldier.
3.An elephant____jump.
4.How old____Larry?.
6.I like orange juice,but i____like milk.
7.___she got a sister? No, she___.
8.I____nine,and my sister five.
9.Can he swim?Yes he_____.
10.My favourite food____pizza.
11.Where's Lulu?She______at the circus.
12.________she sing?Yes she can.
13.Is he happy?No,he_____.
14.I_______swim,but i can run.
15.Do you like English?Yes,i_____.
16.Are they at home?No,They_____.

Put a verb into each gap : am/'m not, is/isn't, are/aren't, does/ doesn't, do/don't.

a. Where ____ you from?
b. My teacher _____ very funny.
c. My sister ____ eat meat because she ____ like it/
d. Where _____ you usually go on holiday?
e. Learning English _______ boring! It's interesting.

А) Вставить am. is. or. are.

1) Look! There___Carol.
2) I___not tired
3) My brother and I_____good tennis players.
4)This bag___heavy.
5) Ann_____at home.
6) These bags___heavy.
7) I____a taxi driver. My sister____a nurse.

Б) Вставить is/isn't/are/aren't , в предложении(между слов. где это необходимо!!)

что обозначает is,isn't,are,aren't
Look at the picture.Fill in:is,isn't,are,aren't. There ...........four chairs. There ...........a table. There............a carpet. There..........a lamp.

There.........a painting. There .........two windows. There..........ten books.

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